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A.J. Francis, Uber Driver - And you can get over it

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle AJ Francis applied to be an Uber driver this offseason. Apparently, that's a bad thing.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You would think the world was ending when Miami Dolphins defensive tackle A.J. Francis sent the following tweet:

Apparently, Francis saying he has applied to be an Uber driver shows just what is wrong with the world. There were a couple of tweets like this one that implied Francis - who is still a member of the Dolphins and, I would assume, will get a paycheck from the Dolphins because he is still a member of the team - is broke and that's why he is trying to be an Uber driver:

Then suddenly Time magazine felt the need to jump in on the story. They implied that Francis is doing this because he will likely be cut by the end of training camp, so he needs to find the money.

Francis then decided to point out a fun fact from Time magazine:

Just so you don't have to look it up, Time named Adolf Hitler their Man of the Year in 1938. But, yeah, Francis is a bad dude for wanting to be an Uber driver.

Then, Jemele Hill from ESPN had to weigh in on Francis. Francis immediately corrected her on her facts:

When someone tried to point out that it "sucks to be poor," clearly being sarcastic to Francis' $316K reply, Francis pointed out what this really all comes down to:

Some people clearly get the fact that, a football player signing up to be an Uber driver should not be something we all immediately complain about. He's not out beating someone. He's not doing drugs. He's not causing any sort of problem. He's working, and trying to have some fun doing it.

The NFL is dealing with things like Aaron Hernandez, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, and all of the other legal drama out there. Yet, it's a guy saying he applied to be an Uber driver who is suddenly the hot news of the day.

I'll let Francis have the final say in this ridiculous story (with a slight interruption from Jason Fox):