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Miami Dolphins 2015 schedule predictions: Picking all the games this season

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL schedule for the 2015 season was released two hours ago. That seems about long enough to make a snap judgement on the Miami Dolphins' slate of games, picking winners from each contest. I'm not looking for any specific record, I'm just picking whether or not the Dolphins win that game.

So, let's do this.

Week 1 - @ Washington Redskins - Win - The Dolphins should be able to pressure Robert Griffin III and use the defense to keep him unsettled.

Week 2 - @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Win - Sure, starting on the road for the first two weeks is tough, but there are still enough Dolphins fans in North Florida to offset some of that. Plus, while the Jaguars should continue to get better as Blake Bortles develops, the Dolphins should be better.

Week 3 - vs Buffalo Bills - Win - Miami probably splits the series with Buffalo, and it seems like a Dolphins thing to beat them early in the season on the road, then drop the game in Miami later in the year.

Week 4 - vs New York Jets (Wembley Stadium, London) - Win - The Jets are starting all over this year, and, while I like the coach Todd Bowles will become, I don't think he will spur the Jets from worst to first this year. I'll take the Dolphins in London.

Week 6 - @ Tennessee Titans - Win - I'll give this to the Dolphins because I don't think Zach Mettenberger or Marcus Mariota will be steamrolling teams. If the Titans pull off the trade for Philip Rivers, this could change.

Week 7 - vs Houston Texans - Loss - The Dolphins can't beat the Texans. I don't know why.

Week 8 - @ New England Patriots (TNF) - Loss - Prime time versus the Patriots. Miami wins this game in South Florida, but loses in New England.

Week 9 - @ Buffalo Bills - Loss - The other half of the splitting of the series.

Week 10 - @ Philadelphia Eagles - Loss - Ouch, that's a four game losing streak after a 5-0 start. Miami better turn it around soon.

Week 11 - vs Dallas Cowboys - Win - I don't know if the Cowboys will be the same without DeMarco Murray. This game seems like a toss up, and I will give it to the home team.

Week 12 - @ New York Jets - Win - If Miami wants to make the playoffs, they better beat the Jets.

Week 13 - vs Baltimore Ravens - Win - Again, give it to the home team.

Week 14 - vs New York Giants (MNF) - Loss - I have no idea what to expect from the Giants. I do know that every time it seems like the Giants are on the verge of falling apart, they somehow beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I guess they will be good and win this game on Monday Night Football.

Week 15 - @ San Diego Chargers - Win - Miami is 9-2 in the last 11 match ups between the two teams, though those losses came in San Diego. The Dolphins crushed the Chargers 37-0 last year. It won't be that big a difference, but Miami comes away with the win.

Week 16 - vs Indianapolis Colts - Loss - Andrew Luck vs Ryan Tannehill. They are 1-1 all time head-to-head, with Miami winning the most recent contest. Unfortunately, the game is at the end of the year, when the Colts are usually rounding into form.

Week 17 - vs New England Patriots - Win - Let's assume the Patriots don't have a lot to play for in this situation, plus, Miami has beaten New England in Miami each of the last two years, including the Michael Thomas interception in the season finale in 2013. Why not be able to do it again.

Let's go back and count....10&6. I have no idea if that will be any where near how the Dolphins finish this season, but why not?

What do you think?