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NFL Schedule 2015: Miami Dolphins dates, game times, strength of schedule, and more

The NFL has announced the schedule for the 2015 regular season. When and where are the Miami Dolphins playing?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL today released the 2015 regular season schedule for all 32 teams. The schedule slots the 16 games and one bye week for each franchise into the league's 17 week slate of games. The opponents for each team, and whether the game will be on the road or at home, were set back in December, when the 2014 regular season concluded, but it was not until today that the order of those games was finalized.

For the Miami Dolphins, the 2015 list of opponents includes the annual home-and-home series against the three other AFC East franchises. The AFC East this year will match up against the AFC South and the NFC East, continuing the tradition of each division facing every team from one other division in the same conference and one other division from the other conference. Miami finished third in the AFC East in 2014, which is used to fill out the remaining two games on the schedule, with the Dolphins facing the third place club from the AFC North and AFC West. All of that is used to determine Miami's opponents for 2015 are:


Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens


Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers

The next step in building this year's schedule came with the International Series contests for 2015. The Dolphins volunteered to host one of the three London games, this year hosting their AFC East rival, the Jets. Miami gives up the Jets home game in 2015 in an effort to help raise their bid for a future Super Bowl at Sun Life Stadium. The league already scheduled the International Series for 2015, with the Jets "at" Dolphins game locked into the Week 4 scheduled games.

NFL 2015 Strength of Schedule:

That scheduling also gave us Miami's bye week. The NFL has always used the week after a team travels to London as that team's one off-week of the season, so Miami has known they will see their bye in Week 5.

Before we get to the regular season schedule, the previously released preseason schedule for Miami is:

Preseason Week 1

@Chicago Bears
August 13, 8pm ET

Preseason Week 2

@ Carolina Panthers
August 22, 7pm ET

Preseason Week 3

vs. Atlanta Falcons
August 29, 7pm ET

Preseason Week 4

vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
September 3, 7pm ET

Today's release fills in the rest of the schedule:

Week 1

@ Washington Redskins
September 13; 1pm ET

Week 2

@ Jacksonville Jaguars
September 20; 4:05pm ET

Week 3

vs Buffalo Bills
September 27; 4:25pm ET

Week 4

vs. New York Jets
(Wembley Stadium, London)
October 4; 9:30am ET

Week 5

October 11

Week 6

@ Tennessee Titans
October 18; 1pm ET

Week 7

vs Houston Texans
October 25; 1pm ET

Week 8

@ New England Patriots
October 29; 8:25pm pm ET
Thursday Night Football

Week 9

@ Buffalo Bills
November 8; 1 pm ET

Week 10

@ Philadelphia Eagles
November 15; 1 pm ET

Week 11

vs Dallas Cowboys
November 22; 1 pm ET

Week 12

@ New York Jets
November 29; 1 pm ET

Week 13

vs Baltimore Ravens
December 6; 1 pm ET

Week 14

vs New York Giants
December 14; 8:30 pm ET
Monday Night Football

Week 15

@ San Diego Chargers
December 20; 4:25 pm ET

Week 16

vs Indianapolis Colts
December 27; 1 pm ET

Week 17

vs New England Patriots
January 3; 1 pm ET