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Phinsider Scouting Report: Nelson Agholor

With the draft coming later this month, we'll start looking at some prospects that the Miami Dolphins could be interested in.

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The NFL Draft is less than a month away.  Fans of every team are looking and guessing which player their favorite team may select.  Here at the Phinsider, we'll be looking at various players that the Dolphins could draft later this month that would be a great addition to the team.  Most sites look at the top prospects or first round type guys.  My goal is to introduce or highlight some players that fans may not be as familiar with or be looking at as in depth.  Each post will list pros and cons for the player as well as my personal take on them.  Videos will be included if possible.


To start out, I will highlight a prospect that is quickly becoming my favorite prospect in this draft: Nelson Agholor.  With the Dolphins overhauling the pass catching unit, wide receiver is looking like a need the Dolphins should address in the draft (it was before the overhaul, but anyway). Most mock drafts are focusing on DeVante Parker or Dorial Green-Beckham as the Dolphins pick in the first.  But Agholor is a prospect that is sneaking into the first round discussion and could be a target for the Dolphins if they trade down in the first.


- Excellent route runner

- Good to great hands

- Explodes off the line of scrimmage

- Has excellent agility and body control

- Quick feet

- Can generate yards after the catch

- Has return ability

- High character; strong work ethic


- Weighs 198 lbs. but appears to have a slight frame

- Concerns over ability to consistently win on the outside; may be slot-only receiver

- Not a physical receiver; won't be a tackle breaking machine

- Must break stigma of USC receivers

TAPE REVIEW (all videos courtesy of


Some fans will overlook Agholor because he doesn't possess prototypical size for a #1 receiver.  However, I don't believe that is as big a need in Miami's offense.  Miami will spread the ball around to various pass catchers and Agholor possesses the skillset to excel at what Miami wants to do on offense.  First thing I noticed is Agholor's release.  He fires off the line of scrimmage and eats up the cushion quickly.  He appears to be able to set up his routes with a good stem.  He is quick in and out of his breaks.  He routinely makes catches and doesn't appear to have drop issues.  According to PFF's new college analysis, Agholor had a catch rate of 76.3%.  That fits in with what Miami is doing in acquiring high catch rate guys and avoiding lower catch rate players.  Agholor doesn't possess imposing size, but isn't afraid to go across the middle.  He's a weapon in space and has the speed to win on deep routes or run away from defenders.  He has return ability and will immediately contribute as a returner while working into the offense.


Agholor appears to be gaining some momentum and is squarely in the late first round/early second round.  If Miami trades down in the first, Agholor could be a target.  Agholor probably won't be the pick at 14, but it wouldn't and shouldn't be a surprise.


Agholor would be an instant starter for Miami and his ability to play outside and slot would make him a versatile weapon.  He would thrive in the short and intermediate game and would offer a deep threat as well.  His route running and sure hands would make him a reliable target for Tannehill.