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Dolphins April Fools' Headlines that will never happen

We make up some crazy headlines for the Miami Dolphins.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today is April Fools' Day, just in case you did not notice the wild, made-up stories flying all over social media. In the spirit of the day, we decided to make up some Miami Dolphins related headlines - you know, things that could never really happen.

"Dolphins trade $12 million per season WR Mike Wallace for 5th round pick"

"Charles Clay chooses Buffalo over Miami"

"Dolphins lead to sign Ndamukong Suh"

"The Rock joins the Dolphins"

"Rob Konrad swims 9-miles at sea"

"Andy Dalton to Pro Bowl over Ryan Tannehill"

"Dolphins violate Rooney Rule with Tannenbaum hire, then don't"

"Mike Wallace benches himself"

"Dolphins volunteer to host game in London in 2015"

"Dion Jordan ends suspension by being suspended"

"Mike Pouncey to move to guard; Samson Satele holds on to center"

"Dolphins won't commit to Ryan Tannehill as Week 4 starter"

"Dolphins wear white during 'Aqua Out'versus Chiefs"

"Dolphins to sign Brady Quinn"

"Dan Marino joins concussion lawsuit, briefly, accidentally"

What other crazy, could never happen headlines can you imagine for the Dolphins?