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Dolphins rumors: Brandon Graham a consideration?

Could the Miami Dolphins be in play for a defensive end?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In a pre-free agency period that has somehow landed the Miami Dolphins the top defensive talent to hit free agency since Reggie White, nothing should be a surprise. Yet, the rumors that the Dolphins could be in play for outside linebacker Brandon Graham, who would move to defensive end in the Dolphins' 4-3 scheme, might just be a surprise. According to Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia's Derrick Gunn, that is exactly the situation:

The Dolphins making a run at Graham is an unexpected move, if indeed they are trying to land him. The team is already facing a backlog of talent at the position, with Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon cemented as starters. Dion Jordan, Derrick Shelby, and Terrence Fede all have the potential to become NFL starters at the position, if they can find playing time. Adding Graham to the mix would only increase the number of players trying to find snaps; unless Miami is planning to move Jordan or Graham to a 4-3 linebacker position.

This could be a case of Graham looking at the Dolphins situation with Ndamukong Suh coming to South Florida and simply stating he would like to play for the team. It could be his agent's way of trying to increase the asking price for Graham by throwing out the name of the Dolphins.


Or, just kidding. As soon as I publish, I see this: