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Texans release Andre Johnson; Could Dolphins mount a charge?

Could the Miami Dolphins make a play for free agent wide receiver Andre Johnson?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have never beaten the Houston Texans. It is a fact that drives Miami fans crazy; seven contests, seven losses. The Dolphins could get a win from the Texans this offseason, however, as Miami native and University of Miami star Andre Johnson was just released by the team that made him the number three overall pick in 2003. Should Miami, and could Miami, make a charge to bring Johnson home?

Johnson is 33-year-old and is clearly nearing the end of his career. He was told by the Texans this offseason that he would see his role in the offense reduced, leading to him asking to either be traded or released. He now hits the open market, and is able to sign immediately with a new team.

The Dolphins are in need of wide receiver help after the team released Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson this offseason. Adding Johnson as a compliment to Mike Wallace and Jarvis Landry could give the Dolphins the receiving corps they want to be able to attack the endzone. The seven-time Pro Bowl receiver will likely be looking for a team with which he can win a championship, so Miami may have to sell their vision of where the team is heading, but the ability for Johnson to play in his hometown could assist in the chase.

The question of could the Dolphins go after Johnson really will come down to money. The question of should the Dolphins make a run at Johnson is one we want you to answer.