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Celebrate Free Agency 2015 with Dolphins Retro Merch Monday

Celebrate the start of Free Agency 2015 by sharing with The Phinsider your classic/retro Dolphins merchandise.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us have been Dolphins fans the majority of our lifetime. And with many years of team loyalty and support come plenty of merchandise--jerseys, hats, jackets, Zubaz pants (for the bold), shoes (one of my best friends annually receives Packers-color Nike shoes for his birthday), office goods, car decorations, etc.

And if you're anything like you me, you still have all of the Dolphins merchandise you owned as a kid.

Well, in celebration of Free Agency 2015 (and the news that Ndamukong Suh will become a Miami Dolphin on Tuesday afternoon), we want to see the classic/retro Dolphins merchandise in your possession. Whatever you've got, get a pic of it and then tweet it to @kmb8488. I'll rank the best submissions in my Wednesday afternoon post. And to join in on the fun, I'll tweet pics of some of my retro Dolphins items this morning, including my personal favorite: a Pro Player coat that I got for Christmas in 1993 (along with a Starter Dolphins hat!).