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Frank Gore to sign with Philadelphia Eagles

Soon-to-be free agent running back Frank Gore appears set to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The "unofficial" free agency negotiating period seems to be finalizing many deals around the country, despite teams not allowed to make an offer to a player, but can only discuss "negotiating positions." It is a very convoluted way to say teams and player representatives can discuss signing bonus, salary structure, years, and everything else about a contract, but cannot actually sign a contract or have the team host an official visit until free agency begins on March 10. Teams and players are bound to come to an agreement on terms, and those agreements are bound to leak.

The Miami Dolphins and soon-to-be free agent defensive end Ndamukong Suh seem to have come to an agreement on a deal. It also appears soon-to-be free agent running back Frank Gore has found a new team, with ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting Gore has told people he will sign with the Philadelphia Eagles when the signing period begins. NFL Network's Albert Breer has added that it is a three-year contract, with $7.5 million guaranteed over the first two seasons of the deal. The deal is believed to be worth around $15 million, or $5 million per season.

The deal does have some impact on the Dolphins, as well, as the team is thought to be looking for a running back to pair with starter Lamar Miller next year. The team has been linked to C.J. Spiller in early free agency rumors, who was also linked to the Eagles. Signing Gore could mean the Eagles are not interested in Spiller anymore, which could open up the possibility of Miami making a move, but it also takes the possibility of Miami adding Gore out of the equation. The Dolphins could also look to the NFL Draft to address the position.

The NFL's free agency signing period begins on Tuesday at 4pm ET.