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NFL free agency running back market

The Miami Dolphins could be looking at the NFL free agent running back market. Who is available?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors surrounding the Miami Dolphins' free agency targets for 2015 have been primarily focused on the chase of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. The team is not in need of just a defensive tackle, however, and could use the signing period as a chance to add a complimentary running back for starter Lamar Miller. What does the running back market look like just days before the start of the signing period?

There are several top running backs who could be, or should be, targets for the Dolphins. It will, of course, come down to how much money the team feels it can spend on the running back position, and how much money the running backs are demanding.

Some of the players who are available are:

DeMarco Murray
Justin Forsett
Ryan Mathews
Shane Vereen
John Kuhn
Frank Gore
C.J. Spiller
Knowshon Moreno
Roy Helu
Ahmad Bradshaw
Stevan Ridley
Ray Rice
Daniel Thomas
Reggie Bush

This really is a stacked running back market, and Miami could look to go big, going after someone like Murray or Forsett, who could be asking for huge money.  They could look to bring back Moreno or Thomas, who should be cheaper, but could be limited either due to injury or just playing ability. There have been rumors of Spiller linked to the Dolphins, but he and someone like Bush are similar runners to Miller, not the power running back Miami is likely wanting to add.

The NFL has been downplaying the running back position for the last few years, which is bringing down the overall cost of the position. The top  ten salaries at the position, based on a per-year average, range from $14.38 million for Adrian Peterson down to $3.5 million for Toby Gerhart. That's a huge difference in just the top ten salaries.

Will Miami make a run at a free agent running back? Will they wait until the NFL Draft to try to grab a running back?