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The Rock dons Miami Dolphins colors

A photograph made the rounds on social media yesterday showing The Rock in a Miami Dolphins uniform.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson dons the Miami Dolphins uniform for an upcoming HBO TV show.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson dons the Miami Dolphins uniform for an upcoming HBO TV show.

Dwayne Johnson was once an up-and-coming defensive tackle for the University of Miami. Then injuries took over. A knee sidelined him for a while. Then a shoulder. The two ruptured discs in his back. What could have been an NFL career was no longer a possibility, and Johnson returned to the family business to make a living.

Of course, that family business was professional wrestling where his uncles and counsins had made names for themselves. None of them would become as big a The Rock, however. He turned that wrestling career into an acting career. Now, it seems like The Rock is everywhere.

As it turns out, everywhere includes in a Miami Dolphins uniform. The picture at the top of this page circulated social media yesterday, with many people wondering if it somehow meant the Dolphins had signed Johnson. Of course, we are totally ignoring the fact that (a) it is the offseason so no player would be in uniform and pads and (b) he is wearing the old Dolphins uniform. Plus, Johnson is 42 years old, which is probably outside the range of an NFL rookie.

The picture above is real, and Johnson really is wearing the Dolphins uniform. It is not because he is joining the team, however, but, explains, instead it is for an HBO TV show called Ballers, in which Johnson plays a retired NFL player, whose former team was...the Miami Dolphins.

So, if you saw the picture, yes, The Rock is wearing a Dolphins jersey. And, no, he is not joining the team.