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Miami Dolphins have a real shot at Ndamukong Suh?

Free agency is about to kick into overdrive, with the latest rumors suggesting the Miami Dolphins have a real shot at landing Ndamukong Suh.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The big news coming out of the media today suggests Ndamukong Suh looks to be packing his bags to pastures new after the Detroit Lions refused to give him the franchise tag.  While a new deal could still be reached before next Tuesday, ESPN's Mark Dominik believes the Miami Dolphins have "a real shot to get him."

Dominik's argument does have some foundation when you consider Miami's favorable state taxes.

"When you're talking about state taxes and you're in Tennessee, Texas or Florida and you've got that up your sleeve, any one of those teams has a real shot," Dominik said.'s Gregg Rosenthal even suggested that the Dolphins "could be in a position to make a big splash" in his article by mentioning them as one of the top landing spots.

Of course, the Miami Dolphins were terrible against the run in the second half of the season last year, while they were sixth last year in pass defense.  While not denying that the Dolphins do need reinforcements in the secondary (they really do need a new corner opposite Brent Grimes next season, along with a free safety), Suh would transform this defense and could be the man to finally get the team to the playoffs.  According to Pro Football Focus's defensive tackle rankings, he finished third, second and fourth in the last three seasons.

Suh is seeking a mega-deal in the $100 million range, and it would be shocking to see him make the move to Miami considering the team need major help at wide receiver, middle linebacker, corner and safety. However, it is interesting that Dominik was the General Manager in Tampa Bay while Dennis Hickey was Director of Player Personnel.  Does he know our General Manager better than anyone else?

Stephen Ross is also not afraid to put his money where his mouth is either.  The flip side of the coin is the fact that Suh may not be the right character fit for Head Coach Joe Philbin, judging by those stomping incidents. But this is Philbin's last chance saloon.  He needs to win now, and there is no doubt that Suh is a game changer.  Also factor in Mike Tannebaum's approach with the New York Jets where he wasn't afraid to pay big for free agents, and this move could really be on the cards.

Time will tell, just don't be surprised if it happens.

Do you think Miami have a realistic chance of adding Ndamukong Suh to the roster.  Would you want him here?  Can he get the Dolphins to the playoffs?  Lets hear your thoughts.

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.