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Dolphins free agent bracket: Who is the best FA signing in team history?

The NCAA Tournament is working toward the Final Four this weekend. Why don't we do a bracket of our own?

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The NFL is in the middle of their free agency period, with teams signing available veteran players. At the same time, NCAA basketball is in the middle of their tournament, with March Madness narrowing down to the Final Four this weekend. Combine the two ideas, and we come up with today's bracket for the Miami Dolphins' all-time best free agent signings:

Free Agent Bracket 1

Over the next few days, we will work out way through the bracket, with the results based on your vote.

The first match up will feature fullback Keith Byars up against linebacker Joey Porter.

Byars joined the Dolphins in 1993, playing for the team for four seasons. During that time, he played in 45 games, starting all of them, with 98 carries for 377 yards and six touchdowns. He also caught 166 passes for 1,433 yards with 10 touchdowns. He was a Pro Bowl selection in the 1993 season.

After eight years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Porter signed with the Dolphins in 2007. Over three years with the club, he played in 46 games, starting 45, with two interceptions, six forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, 32 sacks, and 153 tackles. He was selected to the 2008 Pro Bowl.

Which one do you see moving on to face the top overall seed in our tournament, Cameron Wake?