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Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey Looking To Add More Picks In The 2015 Draft

Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey recently spoke to the media and stated that he would like to add additional picks in the upcoming 2015 NFL draft.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey, now in his second season with the Miami Dolphins, has continued to clear out the cupboard of many of dishes Jeff Ireland acquired in order to replace them with ones that are more to his liking. No doubt several things figured in to the many moves made this off-season by the Dolphins. It's also very likely the new Executive VP of Football Operations, Mike Tannenbaum, has had more than a bit of influence on several of the moves. Whether the reason behind the moves was because the player was someone that the team viewed as having a bad attitude, the player was on a bad contract or the player was just terrible and not living up to their deal no matter the actual size of the contract, many of these moves were obviously needed to even the most casual of Dolphins fans.

Now Hickey has come out and stated that the team would like to acquire more draft picks in the upcoming 2015 NFL draft. He also insinuated that the team would be open to the possibility of trading the number 14 selection in the first round. With what seems to be a wealth of talent in the second round that would fit the needs of the Dolphins and the loss of their third rounder in the trade for Kenny Stills, Miami seems to be looking to add more second to mid round picks. When questioned directly on the matter Hicky said, "We'd like to be able to massage the board to acquire more picks to get more chances at players. It always takes two. I would trade down, but it has to present itself. There have been many times when you want to trade down and the phone never rings. You're always prepared to trade up or trade down.".

The Dolphins, it is assumed by many, will go with one for the top wide receivers in the draft if they stay put at 14 in the first round. It's possible that one of the top wide-outs will slide to Miami there but it's also possible that the top three guys in most peoples minds, Kevin White, Amari Cooper and Devante Cooper, might all three be off the board by the time the Dolphins are on the clock. At that point Miami will have the choice to snatch up another of the highly rated wide receivers, go in a totally different direction as to position or trade down to late in the first, providing they have a trade partner, where there will still be plenty of solid, highly ranked talent that would fit the teams needs. Miami has several other holes or lack of depth at various positions so it would seem that the more picks the better.

One of the criticisms of Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin has long been his aversion to playing rookies. Depending on what Miami does this year in the draft he may have to reconsider that stance, at least at certain position. In fact his long term job security with the team may depend on him becoming a lot more flexible on his apparent position as it applies to rookies.

What would you do if you were Dennis Hickey? What would you like to see the Dolphins do with their picks in the 2015 draft?