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Jaguars’ NFL draft cap features Miami skyline

Seems as if there was a bit of a mess up with the Jaguars 2015 draft cap when they were produced with the wrong city's skyline.

Every year each NFL team has their own "official draft hat" that you will usually see their first round draft pick sporting as he goes up on the stage to shake hands with the commissioner. This year will be no different with the New Era Cap Company designing the caps for each team.

Each year they of course try and do something different and this year they went with the idea of showing each city's skyline under the brim of the hat. Good idea, right? Well it was all going swimmingly until someone realized a couple of days back that the skyline of the Miami Dolphins cap and the Jacksonville Jaguars cap were one in the same, the skyline of the city of Miami.

New Era began supplying hats for the NFL in the spring of 2012. The NFL at that time was redoing all of their apparel deals.

In response to the mistake New Era said via an emailed statement, "We have fixed the issue for both the NFL draft and for mass production of the cap.".