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Lions will not pursue tampering charges against the Dolphins

According to reports the Detroit Lions will not pursue any tampering charges against the Miami Dolphins in the courting and signing of Ndamukong Suh.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Even before the Miami Dolphins had officially singed former Lion Ndamukong Suh rumors began to circulate that the Lions were claiming possible tampering on the Dolphins part. There were also multiple reports that the league was in fact looking closely in to the Dolphins dealings with Suh and his agent. Reports before free agency "officially" began were that Suh had agreed to a deal with the Dolphins for six years at 114 million. Although Suh did not officially sign his agreement until a full day of free agency had passed the early rumors of the size and length of contract proved to be true.

Joe Philibin, when questioned on the matter at the owners meetings this week where he stated that the NFL had not contacted him about any tampering allegations. Lions president Tom Lewand referred all questions to the league stating, "That's a league policy, that's a league issue. That's a league matter for them to decide.". The NFL spokesperson, when questioned about the mater, had no comment. The Detroit Free Press reported this morning that within the Lions organization they have no plans to file any charges against the Dolphins. It also appears that the NFL has no interest in following up on something that they know is no doubt rampant across the league.

This news of course has not swayed the Dolphins division mates the New England Patriots and New York Jets from going after each other over tampering charges. Each team has filed tampering charges with the league over the fact that both teams owners spoke publicly about Darrell Revis. For now it seems as if Dolphins fans can breathe a sigh of relief while we  sit back and watch two of our rivals have their little he said, he said moment.

More recently, the New York Jets and New England Patriots have reportedly filed tampering charges against each other over comments made about Darrelle Revis.

Revis signed with the Jets as a free agent earlier this month after the Patriots declined his option.