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Jimmy Graham Was Almost A Miami Dolphin

Before being traded to the Seattle Seahawks the New Orleans Saints nearly traded Jimmy Graham to the Miami Dolphins.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone was surprised by the trade of Jimmy Graham from the Saints to the Seattle Seahawks. A move that only seemed to make the rich even richer. There was also a lot of chatter immediately following the trade that the Dolphins had at the time been in the mix to also possibly land Graham.

It was again reported today by Ian Rapoport  that the Dolphins were very close to landing Graham before eventually being trumped by the offer from the Seahawks. It seems as the Dolphins were hell bent on upgrading the TE position and what better way to do it then by trading for one of the best in the game?

Its also rumored that had the Seahawks not traded for Graham it would have in fact been then signing Jordan Cameron and not the Dolphins. The Seahawks reportedly attempted to trade Percy Harvin for Cameron before the 2014 season before ultimately trading him during the season to the New York Jets.

So the question many fans will have is what did the Saints demand of the Dolphins that they were not willing to give up? Did they ask for Pouncey and a first round pick? Was it Wake and a first round pick? What part of the trade proposal did the Dolphins balk at? Was it the player asked for or the first round pick?

Would you have made the trade and given up what the Seahawks gave up to land Graham?