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Joe Philbin Signs His One Year Extension Through 2016

Joe Philbin Signs His One Year Extension Through 2016

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins owner Steven Ross surprised many when he announced following the Phins December 21st game, a 37 to 35 victory over the the Minnesota Viking, that head coach Joe Philbin would indeed be returning for the 2015 season. Philbin's Dolphins finished last season 8 and 8, following his rookie head coaching year at 7 and 8 and his sophomore year that was also an 8 and 8 campaign. Ross was also asked at the time if he had extended the head coach and Steven responded with "Not yet!".

In January the story surfaced that the Dolphins were working on a one year extension of Philbin's contract. Joe's original contract was a 4 year deal though the 2015 season which meant he was entering this off season as a "lame duck" head coach. Today the Miami Herald's Armondo Salguero tweeted out that Stephen Ross, when questioned about the status of his head coach replied "We've extended it for a year, yes." signaling that despite the lack of a report or press released from the team that Phibin has in fact signed his one year extension through 2016.