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NFL rules: Colts look to turn 9-point game into one possession contest

Can you make up a 9-point defecit in one possession in the NFL? If the Colts rule nomination passes, you could.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

There are just 10 seconds left in the game, and you are down by nine with the ball inside the redzone. Even if you score a touchdown on this play, there really is not enough time to recover the onside kick, then connect on a game winning field goal. This game is as good as over, right? Not if the rule change proposed by the Indianapolis Colts makes it through the league approval process.

The Colts are looking for a way to make a two-point conversion more appealing, and, in doing so, turning a nine-point defecit into a one-possession game.

The NFL's Competition Committee announced 23 rule change proposals today, with 18 of them coming from the teams. The majority of the proposals are pretty straight forward, with different tweaks to the instant replay rules, putting cameras on the sidelines and goal line, and allowing linebackers to wear numbers 40-49 (currently, they are allowed 50-59 and 90-99). There are a couple of other ideas that are a little more interesting: eliminating the 75-man cut in the preseason, guaranteeing both teams possession in overtime, and banning peelback blocks by offensive players. Then, there is the proposal from the Colts:

What?!? That's just....well...that might actually be okay. It is absolutely crazy, but it kind of is interesting as well. You could suddenly close the gap in what looked like a blowout by going for two, converting, then adding the extra point from midfield. Suddenly, you pick up nine points in one possession.

I don't think this has any chance of passing, but it is interesting that there will at least be discussion of ways to make two-point conversions more appealing.