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Kenny Stills to the Dolphins

Jeff Ireland may still be working for the Dolphins...

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network is reporting that The Miami Dolphins just acquired Kenny Stills from the New Orleans Saints for Danell Ellerbe and a 3rd round pick. This move should free up nearly $6 million in cap space for the fish. Hate to lose the Third Round pick, but this is a great trade for the Dolphins. They freed up cap space by trading that albatross of a contract Ellerbe signed, and they get a young proven play maker at WR. What this move means for Mike Wallace, no one knows. But  a core of Wallace, Landry, Stills and newly added Jordan Cameron is a nice set of weapons for Ryan Tannehill to work with.

Maybe Jeff Ireland, who now works for the Saints, is trying to right some of the wrongs he created in South Florida.