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CB Cortland Finnegan Announces His Retirement

CB Cortland Finnegan Announces His Retirement

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Former Miami Dolphins CB Cortland Finnegan announced his retirement today via his Instagram. Finnegan signed with the Dolphins last offseason to a two year deal. Cortland was originally a seventh rounder for the Tennessee Titans in 2006. Finnegan also spent the 2012 and 2013 season with the St. Louis Rams. Finnegan was released by the Miami Dolphins in in an cap space clearing effort last month.

Finnegan throughout his career was known as a player that would get in the heads of the receivers that he went up against, once famously getting in to an on the field fist fight with the Texans Andre Johnson (who he also took a shot at in his announcement today).  Cortland for his career recorded 645 tackles to go along with 18 interceptions and 7 sacks.

Finnegans announcement via Instagram: Spent 8 years doing something that I loved and it has payed off in so many ways. To say I have been blessed is an understatement. I am forever thankful. I have made my share of mistakes and had moments of glory. I even got into a fight in an NFL game (he hits like a bish). I'm thankful for the friends I made on and off the field love yAll. Time to move on and enjoy new people new places and new ideas. I forgot to thank all the haters I love yall too.