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Richie Incognito signs with Buffalo: Bills owner Terry Pegula statement

Former Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito signed with the Buffalo Bills this week. Team owner Terry Pegula released a statement about the move.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

No one would argue that former Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito does not have demons and skeletons in his closet. He has openly discussed some of them, and he has paid the price for many of them. From being kicked off of college football teams to being the chief "instigator" in the bullying scandal that surrounded the Dolphins last year, Incognito has often gotten into his own way, and he has missed playing time because of it - including the last season-and-a-half when he was first suspended from the Dolphins, then not signed to any roster for 2014.

This past Saturday, Incognito signed a contract with the Buffalo Bills, joining the team with whom he spent 19 days in 2009 after being waived by the St. Louis Rams during the season. The move made news, especially with Incognito's link to the bullying scandal and new Bills head coach Rex Ryan's opening press conference statement that the Bills are going to be a "bully" in the AFC East.

Today, in officially announcing the signing of Incognito, Bills owner Terry Pegula released the following statement:

I personally met with Richie, along with Doug Whaley, Rex Ryan and Kim regarding an opportunity to earn a spot on the Buffalo Bills roster. Obviously, we all discussed Richie's past experience in the NCAA and NFL. We are convinced that Richie is prepared to move forward and has and will continue to take the necessary steps to improve himself as a person and a teammate. Following discussion with the rest of the coaching staff, we as an organization will provide him with the opportunity to do so.

Personally, I am happy for Incognito, as he is a good football player who seemed to get railroaded during the entire bullying scandal. Unfortunately, it is with the Bills.