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Dolphins DL Coach Terrell Williams introductory conference call

The Miami Dolphins introduced new defensive line coach Terrell Williams yesterday. Below is the transcript from his conference call:

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

(On the pronunciation of his name) - "It's ‘Tuh-rell' and that's not ridiculous because it's mispronounced all of the time." 

(On what intrigued him about the Dolphins and how the initial conversation came about) - "It was just a great opportunity to work for a great organization and work for Coach (Joe) Philbin and Coach (Kevin) Coyle. That's what it really boiled down to for me. Being in the state of Florida still and having the opportunity to coach a good group of defensive linemen."

(On what needs to be better from the defensive line that didn't happen in 2014 when the defensive line took a step back in the second half of the season) - "I'll be honest with you, I'm still in the watching tape phase, so it's hard for me to really comment on that. I know, from a coach's perspective, just watching these guys through crossover film, I thought they did a really good job on defense, but I haven't looked at any stats or anything like that to really know how they did statistically. I just know what I saw on tape. I've always had a good respect for Coach Coyle and what they do on defense."

(On his ties to the state of Florida) - "My wife is from Fernandina Beach, Florida. She went to Florida A&M, both of her parents are (University of) Florida Gator alums, both have masters degrees Florida. My wife's father is from Dade County, went to Miami Northwestern (High School). They actually spend Thanksgivings down here in Dade County. A great opportunity for us, now I don't have to fly my wife across the country to spend Thanksgiving."

(On what his impression was as an outsider looking in on DE Dion Jordan and where he sees him fitting in) - "Again, I haven't really evaluated Dion since college, since he was coming out in the draft. Once again, it's hard for me to comment on him because we're still in the evaluation stage and, remember, I just got here. I'm just looking forward to working with these guys and I'm sure we'll be able to put Dion in the best position for him."

(On what the last couple of months have been like for him with taking a job at the University of Florida and now taking this job with the Dolphins) - "Any time you coach football and get a chance to be around players, you start to develop a relationship, I think those guys at Florida, Coach (Jim) McElwain is going to be a heck of a coach for the Florida Gators. At the end of the day, it was just a decision that we felt was best for us as a family and that's why we ended up leaving Florida and coming down here to Miami."

(On his defensive line philosophy and what type of player he looks for) - "In my career, we've coached big guys, little guys. Whatever our scheme is for Miami, it's not necessarily about me and what my philosophy is. It's what makes the Miami Dolphins the best. We are in the process of looking at our personnel and kind of figuring out what we do best going forward. I just like guys who make plays. At the end of the day, big or small, it doesn't really matter."

(On his thoughts about the 4-3 vs. 3-4 defense in today's NFL) - "I think there is a place for both. It still comes down to tackling guys. It doesn't matter if you are a 3-4, 4-3, whatever the defensive scheme is. It still comes down to tackling and fundamentals. I think these guys have done a good job here fundamentally."

(On if he had a relationship with Joe Philbin and Kevin Coyle in the past) - "No relationship. When you coach in major college football and pro football, you know guys around the profession. I know that those two guys, Coach (Joe) Philbin and Coach (Kevin) Coyle are two of the most highly respected guys in our profession."

(On what stood out to him during QB Ryan Tannehill's final two years of college when they both were at Texas A&M) - "He was a competitor is all I remember. I haven't been around Ryan since we left College Station, but all I can remember is a guy who was athletic and intelligent..."

(On how he would describe himself as a player during his college career) - "I was aggressive and wasn't good enough to play in the NFL (laughs). That's a pretty easy description there."