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Dolphins release Brian Hartline: Twitter reactions

We took a look at some of the reactions on Twitter to the news that the Miami Dolphins have released wide receiver Brian Hartline.

Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins released wide receiver Brian Hartline today, making the first of the salary cap moves that will be necessary to free up spending money for this year's free agency moves and to sign the upcoming Draft class. Hartline spent six years with the Dolphins, but his release will give the team at least $3.15 million in salary cap space, or he could provide $5.95 million if the team uses one of its two post-June 1 designations.

The designation, however, would mean the Dolphins would not see the salary cap savings until June 2, meaning it would not be available for free agency.

Twitter, of course, reacted to the news of Hartline's release, with a random sampling of the tweets below: