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Dolphins free agents: Summary of Walk, Franchise, Extend

Our Miami Dolphins free agents Walk, Franchise, Extend game is over. Here are the results.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Over the past couple of weeks, we have worked our way through the Miami Dolphins' 2015 unrestricted free agents, playing a game with each of them. We asked you to vote for whether you would let the player walk, franchise tag the player, or extend their contract. We tallied the votes, and now can look at all of the results.


Daniel Thomas, running back - 86%
Daryn Colledge, guard - 68%
T.J. Heath, cornerback - 66%

Nothing is overly surprising on this list, expect maybe the fact that it is only three names. Daniel Thomas hate clearly leads to him jumping up above 85% of the votes wanting him gone, despite serving a nice purpose for the team this past year. Colledge dealt with injuries this season, which is likely why he is being shown the door. Heath is an unknown player, and that is likely why he is listed as a walk.


None. Apparently we are going to try to take care of owner Stephen Ross' money this year and not use the franchise tag on any players.


Charles Clay - 87%
Jason Trusnik - 80%
Jared Odrick - 79%
Jimmy Wilson - 71%
Samson Satele - 70%
Jason Fox - 63%
LaMichael James - 60%
Matt Moore - 55%
Knowshon Moreno - 53%
Kelvin Sheppard - 52%
Louis Delmas - 51%

We have decided to try to re-sign 11 of the Dolphins' pending free agents. Starting at the top of the list, Clay is a given. Trusnik with the second highest keep rating does surprise me a little, but he is quality depth and special teams (though the actual Dolphins are reporedly not looking to re-sign him). Odrick is next, which is again a given, followed by Wilson, who add versatility to the defense, and Satele, who, with the right contract, would be a solid backup to Mike Pouncey. After that, Fox would be depth for the offensive line, as would James at running bacl. Moore will be an interesting one to watch this offseason, as his fate with the Dolphins is likely dependent on if any other team will give him a chance to start. Moreno, Sheppard, and Delmas are all slightly above 50%, indicating we are not quite sure what we want to do with them, but are not against bringing them back.

What do you think of our results? Let us know in the comments.