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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Turtle's 7-Round Miami Mock Draft- 1.0

Turtle's first mock of the year! Which means EVERYTHING is wrong. Yay!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Move over Kiper and hit the deck McShay... the 'artist commonly known as Turtle' is here to play. I've been wanting to produce a mock draft but wanted at least to wait until the combine was complete.  I am using to tackle this seven round beast and using a composite of five different "mock draft boards' to form my hopefully somewhat realistic player pool. I will not reset the mock to get players in my favor, what you see is what you get- this was my only attempt. I am also using my super-secret 'Turtle Big Board' to stick as close as I can to my highest ranked players. Don't worry... I will debut my Turtle Big Board at a later date, so stay tuned!


But for now, Miami is on the clock.

Round 1, Pick 14- The Miami Dolphins select Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State University

6'0, 186 lbs-

In this scenario, Waynes is the only reasonable pick left on the clock. Danny Shelton and Shaq Thompson are off the board. So are the top receivers, Cooper and White. Even Brandon Scherff is taken, who would have been a 'safe' pick to plug in fill our guard position. While he wasn't my top choice I am very happy with the Waynes selection. Waynes, who had the second fastest 40-time in the entire combine, has plenty of speed and has good footwork. He will need to work on his hips and watch his penalties but he should seize the starting role opposite of Grimes for Miami's #2 CB. Jamar Taylor would battle him for the job, but would likely be relegated to try and cover nickel duties if Waynes impresses like he is expected to. CB may not be the top need, but it IS a need, and Miami grabs the top corner in the entire draft at pick 14.

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Alternate Draft Pick: Eric Kendricks, ILB (drafted 21 to KC)

Round 2, Pick 47- The Miami Dolphins select Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma

6'5, 237 lbs-

This pick absolutely hits it out of the park, as much as it scares the crap out of me. This is the definition of a high risk/high reward pick. I could have gone safer and drafted a guard or a tackle here, but Green-Beckham is arguably the most physical specimen in the NFL draft. He's a huge, fast receiver who is exactly the type of receiver Miami needs and has even drawn comparisons to Calvin Johnson. His talent will give him plenty of opportunities, but his only weakness seems to A himself. He was ultimately kicked off the football team at Missouri, and landed in Oklahoma. If he is available in Round 2, Miami's coaches need to be sure that they believe he has matured before selecting him. I'm not crazy about his rapsheet, but I'm hoping this guy can get his head on straight to become the dominant athlete he was born to be. DGB will instantly plug in at #2 and suddenly Miami's receiver trio of Wallace, DGB, and Landry is among the best in the league. If he stays on the field, he could ultimately become Mike Wallace's successor in 2016, and Miami wins the day by getting the red zone beast they so desperately need.

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Alternate Draft Pick: Clive Walford, TE (drafted 58 to BAL)

Round 3, Pick 78- The Miami Dolphins select Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State University

6'0, 221 lbs-

You would have to pinch me if you told me I could select one of my favorite 'draft crushes' in the third round. Ultimately I see this guy ending up as a middle round second pick on draft day, so we get great value here at pick 78. Ajayi, like DGB, is a physical monster at his position; I'm thinking that It's about time teams starting being scared of the Dolphins. Ajayi is a physical back that's good out of the backfield and even better on the goal line. I don't see him replacing Lamar Miller (atleast yet) but just like Wallace and DGB, we would have our own version of Thunder and Lightning, but in the backfield. Ajayi reminds many of Marshawn Lynch, and I'd be absolutely stoked to have "J-Train" on our football team come April.

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Alternate Draft Pick: Arie Koundjio, G (drafted 84 to PHI)

Round 4, Pick 111- The Miami Dolphins select Nick O' Leary, TE, Florida State University

6'3, 252 lbs-

This was my most difficult pick. Looking back I probably take an offensive lineman here, but at the time the clock was running and I couldn't find a guy I knew enough to feel comfortable about. I decided to go with the homegrown talent O'Leary for three reasons.

  1. Miami will likely lose Charles Clay in a bidding war (I hope not but this is the feeling I get).
  2. It's insurance for my Green-Beckham selection in Round 2.
  3. This guy catches everything.
He's the opposite of Green-Beckham in the fact that he's the exact type of player you want on your team with zero red flags. In case my DGB pick was to backfire, atleast we would lessen the risk by grabbing yet another red zone threat for Tannehill. I would rather re-sign Clay, but I do have a feeling Miami will end up seeing him go after more money in free agency. If that's the case, O'Leary is a guy you can plug in on day 1 and pair with Sims to form a respectable duo at TE. His energy and attitude will probably end up replacing Hartline as a young captain of the offense (Hartline will likely be gone). This Palm Beach native is the grandson of golfer Jack Nicholas, and is also a tough son of a bitch that you want on your sideline on game day. Don't believe me, just watch!

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Alternate Draft Pick: Jamil Douglas, G (drafted 115 to KC)

Round 5, Pick 142- The Miami Dolphins select Joey Mbu, DT, University of Houston

6'3, 313 lbs-

While many, including me, like the idea of Miami targeting NT Danny Shelton in the first round... he wasn't there. Instead, Mbu is available in round 5 and I'm hoping he can ultimately earn a starting DT spot on this team. He's got insanely long arms and decent size but lacks alot of the power that you see in some of the other higher rated tackles. However, Mbu is a high character guy and will work hard to try and be the best player he can be. I think with some conditioning and a year of learning the ropes, Mbu can be a serviceable lineman. He's no Danny Shelton, but I think Miami gets a good player at a position of need with this pick. In an ideal situation Miami grabs my number 1 free agent priority in Terrence Knighton, and then Mbu, Mitchell and Starks can fill in for the other spot (If Odrick hits FA).

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Alternate Draft Pick: Taiwan Jones, ILB (drafted 161 to TEN)

Round 6, Pick 175- The Miami Dolphins select D.J. Humphries, OT, University of Florida

6'5, 307 lbs-

There are tons of opinions on Humphries who I have seen all over draft boards in almost every round.  He's got great athleticism and talent but I think he seriously needs to work on his technique if he wants to be an every down starter. Still, to get a guy that some people compare to D'Brickashaw Ferguson in round 6? Sign me up! Humphries would likely be depth to Brandon Albert at LT or possibly plugged in at guard once he learns the position. He's got the size and strength for it.

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Alternate Draft Pick: Shane Carden, QB (drafted 178 to BUF)

Round 7, Pick 207- The Miami Dolphins select Terrance Plummer, ILB, THE University of Central Florida

6'1, 236 lbs-

Well, I waited for the last pick to pick from my alma mater, but I seriously don't think this is a 'homer' pick by any stretch. I watched every every UCF game and Plummer always stood out as the player to watch on defense, and that included CB Jacoby Glenn and S Clayton Geathers, two players who were drafted in round 4 in this mock. Plummer was a guy who had such a high motor and always filled the stat sheet. He was a play maker and excelled in run stuffing. Though he may not have the reach or speed to be elite in coverage or as an edge rusher, he has the skills to be a very good ILB and I think he may be a late round steal. I see him and Chris McCain in this scenario as solid depth players who may (and should) get opportunities to play. Plummer is a run stuffing play maker who reminds me of Karlos Dansby. He has a knack for the ball and is a hell of a pick in the final round.

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Alternate Draft Pick: Jamon Brown, OT (drafted 215 to DET)

Well, that's it. Who was your favorite pick? Who was your least favorite pick? Feel free to sound off below and bash my mock. Either way, I'll be back with another soon enough!