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Bill Polian: 'If you're a Dolphins fan, things are looking up'

ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame executive Bill Polian spoke to the media at the NFL Combine this week, and included a discussion of the Miami Dolphins' future.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are looking for answers after another disappointing end to a season and a second consecutive 8-8 season. Fans are frustrated by the team missing the playoffs yet again and are looking for a ray of hope as the team begins to build for the 2015 season. Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 inductee Bill Polian may already see that ray of hope.

"The arrow's been (pointing) up for the last two or three years," Polian said about club at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Chris Perkins. "They're not far away. So if you're a Dolphins fan, things are looking up from my perspective."

Polian pointed to two individuals as to why Miami's future may be bright: quarterback Ryan Tannehill and head coach Joe Philbin. "The nice thing about the Miami Dolphins is that Ryan Tannheill is in place and he gets better every year. That arrow has been up every year and I believe it's going to continue to be up. So that's point one. That's the best news of all if you're a Dolphins fan.

"And, I've said this numerous times, I think Joe Philbin's done a great coaching job, he and his staff."

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross retained Philbin for the 2015 season, despite calls from fans for the head coach to be fired. It is believed that Philbin's future with the team will be determined this year based on if the Dolphins make the playoffs. Many fans are still frustrated that Philbin will be returning to the team, but, at least according to Polian, that could be a good thing for the Dolphins.

Not everything is perfect for Miami, as Polian sees it. He pointed to the team's need to add a running back and a pass-rushing defensive tackle to compliment Jared Odrick, who it seems Polian assumes the Dolphins will re-sign this offseason, as the top pressing issues for the franchise this offseason.

"The Dolphins are on the right track and they are not far away from being a playoff football team," Polian concluded. "Free agency is coming up. They've got continue to make hay there, and they've got to continue to grow and they've got to continue to keep Ryan healthy."