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Dolphins helmet concept

Well, that's....bold.

@DeeyungEntertainment (via Imgur)

During every offseason, we see a plethora of re-designed uniforms and logos, with fans trying to change the look for all 32 NFL teams. There are some good ones, and there are some really bad ones. Today, we look at some really bold ones.

These helmets were designed by Deeyung Entertainment and posted to Imgur today.

Dolphins Helmet

Obviously, the Miami Dolphins helmet is above. It takes the white away from the helmet, changing it instead to an orange color base, then adding a water-like imprint over the base. The logo essentially remains the same, but the white comes out to a transparant look, while the orange sunburst changes to white.

What do you think of the look? Bold isn't it?

Here are some of the other ones that work, as well as the AFC East helmets:

AFC East:

Bills Helmet

I'm fairly certain the blood pouring out of the buffalo's head wound encompassed the rest of the helmet.

Jets helmet

I am very glad the Jets do not actually use this helmet, because I actually kind of like it. It picks up the gradient look the Jacksonville Jaguars currently use, and several of the teams mimic in these concept looks, but it is pretty cool - and it gets rid of the oval around the word Jets. I feel dirty now.

Patriots Helmet

The Patriots go simplistic, with the all white helmet and facemask, then add the giant logo on the side/top/front. It's similar to what the Buccaneers did this year with the oversized logo.


I'm not going to pick every other helmet to put in here, but there were a few that I really liked. The Colts one, which is below, is simple and, I think, really works. The Giants is loud, and patriotic. The Cowboys gradient helmet works really well too.

Included in the group if you use the Imgur link above, is an Oilers helmet that would look really good as a throwback for either the Titans or the Texans. There is also a warning you need to heed before you go over there - if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you may want to be wearing sunglasses, otherwise the Seahawks helmet may burn your eyes right out of your head.

Colts Helmet
Giants Helmet
Cowboys Helmet