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Miami Dolphins free agents 2015: Matt Moore walk, franchise, extend

We continue our Miami Dolphins free agents Walk, Franchise, Extend game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We continue our game of "Walk, Franchise, Extend," working our way through the Miami Dolphins' 2015 free agents. We are working our way through the team's unrestricted free agents, giving you a chance to choose what the Dolphins should do with each of the players who are set to have their contracts expire in March.

Below you will find a poll. All you have to do it vote. Once we make it through all of the Dolphins' free agents, we will post the results of who you want to walk, franchise, or extend.

So far, we have run polls for tight end Charles Clay, guard Daryn Colledge, safety Louis Delmas, offensive tackle Jason Fox, cornerback T.J. Heath, and running back LaMichael James. You can still cast your votes using the links below.

We now move on to quarterback Matt Moore.

Moore joined the Dolphins in 2011 as the backup to then starter Chad Henne.  He took over as the starter during the season, and was ultimately named the team's MVP for the year. In 2012, Moore returned to his backup role behind rookie Ryan Tannehill, where he has remained over the last three years. In 2014, he attempted four passes in two games, connecting twice for 21 yards.

Moore was paid $4 million in 2014, with a cap number of $5.5 million once his prorated signing bonus is included. The Dolphins clearly like Moore, and they would probably like to keep him, but the club has decisions to be made and salary cap space needed.

What would you do with Moore?