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Dolphins free agents 2015: Charles Clay Walk, Franchise, Extend?

We start a new game today as we look at the Miami Dolphins' 2015 free agents. We will take a quick look at each unrestricted free agent for the Dolphins, then as if you would allow them to walk, franchise tag them, or extend them.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

Let's play a game. Why? Well, because it's the offseason and there's not a lot else to do. What? You want to talk football? Okay, how about we play a game involving the upcoming free agents for the Miami Dolphins? That would be alright? Sold.

Here's the game. Below you will find a poll. All you have to do it vote. I know! Amazingly fun game isn't it? Once we make it through all of the Dolphins' free agents, we will post the results of who you want to walk, franchise, or extend.

By now, you probably can guess what game we are mirroring with this, but let's just leave that name out of it.

First up on our list is tight end Charles Clay. In four seasons with the Dolphins, Clay, who was the team's sixth-round pick in 2011, has appeared in 58 games, recording 161 receptions for 1,809 yards and 14 touchdowns. He had a down year in 2014, recording 58 catches for 605 yards and three touchdowns, all below his 2013 total, but he also missed two games and was hampered by various injuries throughout the season.

Clay is coming off his rookie contract, which paid him an average of $538,000 per yeaar over the last four seasons. He earned $1.4 million last season.

So, what do you do?