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Super Bowl prop bets 2015

A look at some of the top prop bets for the 2015 Super Bowl.

The 2015 Super Bowl is here, which means there is a lot of money being sent to Las Vegas and to the various offshore betting locations. Of course, when it comes to the Super Bowl, there is more on which to bet than just the results of the game itself. has a list of over 500 prop bets that can be made on today's game. We went through the list and found some of the...more interesting...props.

The obvious ones are things like Super Bowl MVP (Tom Brady is the favorite at 2/1, with Russell Wilson second at 7/2), quarterback passing yards (Brady is an over/under of 260.5, Wilson is 219.5), and the comparison between players and their final stats. Then there are the more fun options.

There are cross sport bets, like "Which will be higher: Tiger Woods day 1 score at the Masters (+120) or Julian Edelman Receiving Yards (-150)?" You can also bet on whether or not stats will end in an even or odd number - like Brady's passing attempts or LeGarrette Blount's rushing yards.

Then we start to get a little more creative in the bets available. After the normal National Anthem bets (Will Idina Menzel forget a word (Yes +400, No -600) and over/under on the time it takes her to sing it (Over 2:01 -135, Under 2:01 -105), we have things like "Will Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch after scoring a TD in the game? (Yes +200, No -300)." There are things like "Which Coach will be shown first on TV after Kickoffs (Pete Carroll +110, Bill Belichick -150)," "Will Bill Belichick smile during the game on camera? (Yes +130, No -170)," "How many times will "Deflated" Balls be said during the game (over 3 (-150), under 3 (+110))," and the ever popular "What color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team? (Orange 3/2, Yellow 5/2, Clear/Water 3/1, Blue 13/2, Red 15/2, Green 12/1)."

You can also do random things like a Groundhog Day Parlay:

  • Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow and Patriots win Super Bowl +220
  • Punxsutawney Phil does not see shadow and Patriots win Super Bowl +275
  • Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow and Seahawks win Super Bowl +225
  • Punxsutawney Phil does not see shadow and Seahawks win Super Bowl +275
What's your favorite prop bet?