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Super Bowl recipes: Wings to win your Super Bowl party

Can these wings make you the star of your Super Bowl party? Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride thinks so.

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

It's Super Bowl Sunday! While today is all about football, there is another side of the day that is almost as important: the food. Your Super Bowl party is made or broken if you do not have the right food. So, in hunting for the food that will make you a star, I ran into this recipe for chicken wings from our friend over at Arrowhead Pride, Joel Thorman.

I love wings. But, I don't cook. I might just have to try it with these, though. And, to be clear, I am blatantly and apologetically plagiarizing this article from Joel.

To be fair, he also stole part of it from this recipe.

Get a bowl and put these spices in there together -- pepper (two tablespoons), onion powder (one tablespoon), chili powder (one tablespoon), garlic powder (one tablespoon) and seasoned salt (one tablespoon). This is your rub. You will coat the chicken wings -- this recipe is for about five pounds of wings -- with this rub. It's easiest to put it in a plastic bag and mix it up that way. Marinate them in the rub for a few hours.

Note: This will be fairly spicy so just slow down on the pepper if you don't want it that spicy.

The key to this recipe is smoking the wings. If you don't have a real smoker, just put them on indirect heat on the grill. Toss some wood chips on the other side to get some good flavor.

Smoke for 25-30 minutes on one side. Flip them. Smoke for another 25-30 minutes on the other side.

While that's cooking, you'll make your sauce. It's pretty easy. Combine honey (one cup), barbecue sauce (half cup) and apple juice (three tablespoons) into a sauce pan and heat it up. Some might say the recipe has too much honey so, like the pepper, you could take it easy on that if you want.

Take your wings out after they've cooked for 25 minutes on each side. Put the wings in a container and pour the sauce over them. Mix it all together.

Now, put the wings back on the smoker for another 25 minutes. You could also put the wings over direct heat if you want to get a crispy skin, which I recommend.

Sounds like a plan. Now, time to go get some wings.

What Super Bowl foods do you have to have tonight? Any recipes you want to share? Let us know.