Examining The Irrational Dislike For Mike Tannenbaum

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Get used to it, folks; Mike Tannenbaum is going to be here for a while, and for good reason. But we'll get to that in a moment. First, let's all sing the song that so many of us seem to be so doggedly determined to want to sing. Let's sing it to the melody of, 'If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands'. Okay, here we go:

'Tannenbaum Extended Sanchez, So, He Stinks (Clap, Clap), Tannenbaum Extended Sanchez, So, He Stinks (Clap, Clap), Tannenbaum Extended Sanchez Like A Tree That Had No Branches, Tannenbaum Extended Sanchez, So, He Stinks (Clap, Clap).'

There. Does everyone feel better now? Good. Now, let's take a look at what Mike Tannenbaum did during his time in New York. Although he had been with the Jets' organization since 1997, let's focus on what he did as GM there, when he was top man on the proverbial totem pole.

-- in the 2006 draft, his first as General Manager, Tannenbaum selected offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson with the sixth overall pick. Ferguson is now in his tenth season with the team and has been voted to the Pro Bowl. With the thirtieth overall pick in round one -- and well after Miami had selected Tennessee Cornerback/Safety Jason Allen, Tannenbaum selected center Nick Mangold. Like his linemate Ferguson, Mangold is in his tenth season with the team and has also been voted by his peers to the NFL's version of the All-Star game. But that '06 draft, which yielded precious little for the Dolphins, thus contributing to our 1-15 debacle the following year, still had more fruit to bear for Tannenbaum's Jets. Quarterback Kellen Clemens, who's been a starter at various times in his career, and running back/return man Leon Washington, were selected by Mike and his staff that year, as was Quarterback/Running Back/Slash/Special Teams maven Brad Smith. Smith just retired after last season, having spent nine years in the NFL, playing for several different teams. Not bad for a newly minted GM running his first draft.

-- in 2007, several picks after Miami selected Ted Ginn, Jr, Tannenbaum walked up to the podium with Darrelle Revis' name written on the card, in the fourteenth overall slot. Like Tannenbaum's two first round picks the year before, Revis is, of course, a Pro Bowler. In round two, Tannenbaum selected David Harris, who remains a starter on the NFL's number five defense in his ninth season with the team. The Dolphins? We got QB John Beck. In the sixth round, T-Baum picked CB Drew Coleman, who played in the NFL for seven seasons, with the Jets and others.

-- 2008 was one of the few blemishes on Tannenbaum's resume, as he got suckered by Ohio State mega bust Vernon Gholston, a 'tweener' DE/OLB in the Eric Kumerow/Dion Jordan mold. T-Baum still added TE Dustin Keller and Cornerback Dwight Lowery that year, plus a guy in the seventh round you may have heard of: an offensive tackle by the name of Nate Garner.

-- in '09, the guy everyone tries to use as an excuse to bash Mike Tannenbaum, quarterback Mark Sanchez, was drafted in the top half of the first round, but Sanchez would go on to lead his team to a Conference Championship game in his rookie season -- a feat accomplished by only three other men during the previous 38 years. Just to let everyone know that was no fluke, Sanchez did it again in his second year. But, hey -- extending that guy? Terrible, awful boneheaded move. Tannenbaum stinks! Stinks, I tell ya! Tannenbaum added fourth round running back Shonn Green and offensive guard Matt Slauson in the sixth round, who remains an NFL starter six years later.

-- in 2010, T-Baum cooled off a bit, but still netted Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson with the thirtieth overall pick -- when you go to the AFC Title game in back-to-back years, your draft pool of available players shrinks considerably. Wilson, though, remains a starting NFL cornerback, which is more than we'll be able to say about our former Boise State corner, Jamar Taylor, when the 2016 Miami Dolphins team takes the field next Fall. Tannenbaum added guard Vlad Ducasse, who currently starts for the New Orleans Saints' offensive line, and RB's Joe McKnight and John Conner, in the later rounds that year.

-- in 2011, Tannenbaum drafted yet another Pro Bowler in Temple Defensive End Muhammad Wilkerson, with the thirtieth overall pick, then added mammoth Nose Tackle Kenrick Ellis in round three. He also selected RB Bilal Powell, a regular in the Jets' offense over the years, and Special Teams star and bread-and-butter WR Jeremy Kerley, in the later rounds of the '11 draft.

-- in 2012, Tannenbaum's final year with the Jets, he chose Defensive End Quinton Coples in the first round and later took LB Demario Davis and S Antonio Allen. Davis and Allen remain as starters from that draft on the Jets' fifth-ranked defense.

Despite all these outstanding picks, there is a prevailing sentiment among many Dolphin fans that Tannenbaum shouldn't be here. After all, we have draft wunderkind Dennis Hickey in the fold, and he's drafted all these great players. Jarvis Landry is a great player, and starting offensive tackle Ju 'Wuan James is solid. After a slow start to his NFL career, DeVante Parker has really started to come on the past couple of weeks. Yet, Mike should take a hike, or least stay out of the way and let Hickey work his magic? We're thinking with our hearts instead of our heads, folks. Are we trying to find reasons not to like Mike Tannenbaum because he came over from the Jets or because Ross hired him? As we all know, almost all of Stephen Ross' hires have been busts, but . . . didn't Ross also hire Hickey? We're not making a whole lot of sense by refusing to acknowledge Tannenbaum's accomplishments while seemingly anointing Hickey as the guy who should have the last word on player acquisitions.

As is so often the case, the perception of Mike Tannenbaum differs considerably from the reality; he put together a star-studded roster in New York and drafted four Pro Bowlers in seven years as the Jets' GM. Maybe it's time we started singing a different song.

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