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Dolphins wearing throwback jerseys against Giants

The Miami Dolphins will be wearing their throwback jerseys this week against the New York Giants.

Courtesy Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins announced back in July that the team would wear a throwback jersey in celebration of their 50th anniversary season during the team's appearance on Monday Night Football. That MNF game is this week, as the Dolphins will host the New York Giants, wearing the jerseys pictured above.

The Dolphins, when they released the jersey, tweeted several facts about the look, including that the jersey will provide "a nod to our team's storied history, while incorporating innovate aspects of modern design," and that the uniform is a "refresh of our original jersey composition, a solid aqua jersey with white and orange numbers paired with white pants."

The team will also wear the original logo for the team on their helmets. This will make the first time the team has worn a "throwback" uniform at home, having previous worn a white throwback during the 2003 Thanksgiving day game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Some more pictures of the throwback look, all courtesy of the Miami Dolphins: