The Optimist vs. The Pessimist vs. The Realist

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I knew after Tannehill struggled (and our entire offense did) we would start to see the blood in the water for a still young QB. I also knew we'd see the people on both camps come gun's blazing to the argument. Here is my view of our team and then our QB through the 3 lenses we use.


Optimist -- We have a solid young core. Our rookies this year seem to be guys that can make a huge difference now and down the road. Our WR group has a true #1 option (Parker) an elite slot WR (Landry) and two starting caliber WR's (Stills and Matthews - if we choose to re-sign him). We also have an elite RB averaging over 5 yards a carry that has learned how to catch this season and is young and could be relatively cheap to re-sign. We have 2 pro-bowl level defenders (Suh and Jones) and our DL (if we pick up either Vernon or Wake) is still elite with the development of Phillips.

Pessimist -- We have no one on offense that scares anybody in the NFL. Our best player will not be re-signed (Miller) and we are about to lose 2 elite DE's this offseason. Suh is lazy and was a waste of money. Grimes is done and we have no corners and 1 safety. Have you seen our LB crew... Our offensive line is...offensive.

Realist -- We are a very young NFL team that struggles with consistency on both sides of the ball. That is why we look good in spurts, but cannot sustain drives or make big time stops all the time. Most of our starters that we are counting on are still in the prime years and should be able to develop, but the reality right now is our roster is around the middle of the pack (at best) or below average due to some injuries guys are playing through right now.

The QB:

Optimist -- If you look at NFL rosters right now and take age into account he would be a top 10-12 QB. Most guys better than him are going to be retiring in the next 2-3 seasons (if not sooner, please....). He has the tools most teams would drool over but is not being used right. You look at Cam Newton and Russel Wilson and watch NFL teams build an offense around their players (Running the ball, Zone Read, scrambling) and we put Tannehill in the pocket with Larry, Curly and Mo blocking for him. He is throwing the ball into tight windows on every throw and we don't have any WR's that can create enough space.

Pessimist -- Chad Henne 2.0. The guy doesn't have the ability to be consistent. Name 1 big win he has engineered. We must protect him to have any chance at winning. He cannot throw the deep ball with any consistency and rarely even takes the shots when they are there. His pocket presence is the worst in the league and you can see the players doubting he has "it" in him. I don't see a leader out there.

Realist -- Somewhere between Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, and Matt Ryan. The guy has obvious tools. He is an elite athlete for a QB. He does have the ability to make any throw and can run the ball very well when given the chance. What he seems to lack is that "special" play, where he makes guys miss in the pocket and creates a big play. You can win with a Ryan Tannehill (look at the 3 guys I mentioned above), but he is not a guy that makes a below average roster good (IE: Tom Brady, Ben Rothlesburger...).

Here's hoping for 9-7! But if that won't happen, let's at least break it off in the Patriots.

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