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Video: Dolphins touchdowns 20 seconds apart! 15-0 lead

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins exploded the scoring late in the second half after a lackluster start to the game with the Baltimore Ravens. After a punt fest from both teams, turnovers caught up to the Ravens and Miami took advantage. A play after a Reshad Jones interception off a Jordan Phillips deflection, Ryan Tannehill found a flying DeVante Parker:

Baltimore came back out and Matt Schaub did his best Matt Schaub, throwing the pick-six to Derrick Shelby:

The strangest extra point ever then happened, with Andrew Franks missing the kick, but a Baltimore offsides giving him a second chance, which was blocked and returned by the Ravens for two points. Only, that was also called offsides, and Miami then converted the two-point try from the one-yard line on a Jay Ajayi run. Miami leads 15-0.