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Ravens at Dolphins final score, recap, and rapid reactions

The Miami Dolphins outlasted the Baltimore Ravens in a defensive battle on Sunday.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins hosted the Baltimore Ravens in a Week 13 contest this afternoon. A game between two 4-7 teams, each hoping that somehow, they can stumble their way back into the playoff picture, ended with the Dolphins coming away with the victory.

Below, you will find out comments, reactions, and thoughts from throughout the game, made live as it happened. You will also find out rapid reactions as the game ended.

First Half

  • The Dolphins will get the ball first.
  • First down, run for 8 yards for Lamar Miller. Good start. Nothing doing on runs on second and third down, however, and Miami is punting. Obviously, Miami is trying to make a statement that they can run the ball, but they are going to be facing a tough task with the Baltimore defense.
  • The Dolphins defense shows up on the first possession for Baltimore, stopping them on a three-and-out. Good pass breakup by Brent Grimes on the drive. Now just need him to play like that the rest of the game after a really, bad game last week.
  • Possession two for the Dolphins, and Miller is still getting fed the ball. After two possessions, Miller has seven carries for 42 yards. The Dolphins are punting again, but they are clearly trying to establish that they are a physical, running team early in this game.
  • Grimes with another pass breakup, only to see the ball land back in Kamar Aiken's arms. Great concentration by the Baltimore receiver. Grimes slipped on another pass to Aiken, and Baltimore is moving the ball on their second drive.
  • Touchdown Ravens. Nevermind. Offensive pass interference. Miami got away with one there. There was barely if any push.
  • Then Miami not called for a clear facemask. Are these refs aware they are calling a Dolphins game?
  • Good pass breakup from Bobby McCain, and the Ravens have to punt.
  • This game is going to put everyone into nap mode pretty quickly. The first quarter ends with the Ravens picking up 38 total yards on 13 plays, with 3 first downs and 1-for-3 on third down, compared to Miami's 74 total yards on 18 plays, with 4 first downs, and a 2-for-5 conversion on third down. Five combined punts in the first period.
  • Baltimore offense finding a rhythm in the second quarter. Matt Schaub connecting on smart passes. The Dolphins cannot stop the run on the drive, and Baltimore is taking advantage. Ravens go for it on 4th down at the Miami 1-yard line - and they are stopped short on the quarterback sneak!
  • Can ANYONE explain why Lamar Miller was not a major part of this offense this year? Through the first four possessions by the Dolphins, he has 73 yards on 10 carries. Just a low 7.3 yards per attempt average.
  • Miami punting again after a Jordan Cameron false start backs the team up to 3rd-and-7.
  • Schaub smacked on two straight plays. First slams his head into the ground. Second rolls on his knees.
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A TOUCHDOWN! TANNEHILL TO DEVANTE PARKER FOR THE SCORE!!!!!! Dolphins 7-0.
  • DERRICK SHELBY WITH THE PICK 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then that was the oddest extra point every. Andrew Franks hit the upright and it was no good, but an offsides penalty gives Miami another chance, only to have that blocked and returned by the Ravens. But that was called for offsides as well, giving Miami the ball at the 1 yard line for the two point conversion from Jay Ajayi! Dolphins 15-0!
  • Ravens drove down the field on the next drive, putting up a field goal. Dolphins 15-3.
  • Dolphins run out the clock on the first half.

Second Half

  • The Ravens start with the ball for the second half.
  • Touchdown. Baltimore immediately drives down the field and scores on a pass from Schaub to Javorius Allen, who somehow worked his way through the Dolphins defense. Bad tackling from Miami and a score from the Ravens. Dolphins 15-10.
  • Dolphins go three-and-out on their first second half possession.
  • Olivier Vernon picks up his second sack of the day, and the Ravens have to punt.
  • Lamar Miller picks up his 13th carry on the day, which is the magic number so car this year. When Miller gets 13 carries, the Dolphins are 4-0, when he is below 13, they are 0-7.
  • Miami punts again - ouch. Bad punt. Ravens getting the ball at their 34-yard line.
  • Dolphins force a punt from the Ravens, despite the field position.
  • Dolphins punting on another 3-and-out. Still leading but offense is stalling.
  • Quick third quarter and we are on to the fourth.
  • Field goal. Baltimore driving again. Miami stops them on third down and the Ravens are going to have to settle for the field goal despite going 47 yards on the drive. Dolphins 15-13.
  • Another 3-and-out. Dolphins get lucky as the ball bounces down the field after the returner slipped.
  • The rain is definitely starting to impact the game.
  • Vernon with another sack. Now 2.5 on the day! Punt from the Ravens.
  • Lamar Miller breaks loose! But he is stripped and the Ravens recover. Ouch.
  • Derrick Shelby crushes Matt Schaub, who injured his left shoulder and it does not look like he will be able to keep going.
  • Ravens miss the 55-yard field goal, and it's Miami's ball to try to kill the clock.
  • BIG conversion on third down as Tannehill finds Parker.
  • Dolphins looking for a first down to end the game, but come out on third down with a  designed roll-out pass. Tannehill smartly takes the sack to keep the clock running, but that needed to be a running play - even a Tannehill read-option makes sense there.
  • The Ravens came after the kick, but did not get there.
  • Schaub does come back out. Ravens trying to put a crazy finish on this game.

Final Score

Baltimore 13 - 15 Miami

Rapid Reactions

The Dolphins are clearly a flawed team, but they did enough on Sunday to earn the win. The defense took charge, coming up with two interceptions, one from Reshad Jones to set up the Ryan Tannehill-to-DeVante Parker touchdown, and one from Derrick Shelby, which he returned for the touchdown. The defense also came up with three sacks, 2.5 of them from Olivier Vernon.

The offense finally figured out that the running game was important, and Lamar Miller responded. Miller carried the ball 20 times for 113 yards in the game, making Miami 5-0 in games in which Miller carries the ball at least 13 times. Tannehill, however, struggled throughout the game, finishing just 9-for-19 for 86 yards with the touchdown.

This game did nothing to make Miami a great team or suddenly a power house in the AFC, but it does keep them somehow alive in the AFC playoff picture, and it shows that this team can gut out a win. Another week with Taylor as the offensive coordinator will, hopefully, help the offense find a better rhythm, especially through the air, and, hopefully, Rishard Matthews will be back as well.