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Ravens at Dolphins predicting the final score; Make your prediction here

Our predictions of the Miami Dolphins' final score each week continues this morning with a Week 13 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We continue our weekly look at the Miami Dolphins' upcoming contest, attempting to predict the final score. This week, Miami will host the Baltimore Ravens in a game featuring two 4-7 teams. Both clubs were expected to compete for a Playoff berth this year, and both teams have under-performed. How will this game turn out? Our Phinsider contributors take their best shot at predicting the final score, and then we ask you to check out our prediction widget, where you can enter your final score as well.

SB Nation is tracking how well each team's blog predicts their scores throughout the season, with all of the managing editors hoping to gain bragging rights. After finally climbing out of the cellar among the NFL blogs last week, we are right back down in the 32nd position after the blowout loss to the New York Jets last week. Can we fix it this week and get out of that bottom spot?

James McKinney
BAL 13 - MIA 20

Miami pulls one out against an easy opponent this week given the injuries to the Ravens.

BAL 14 - MIA 24

Baltimore is really beat up and the Dolphins shouldn't have much trouble against them. I'm interested to see how Ryan Tannehill plays. I still think he is the answer at quarterback and I'm interested to see what Zac Taylor does with the offense. Our defense is still really bad and Buck Allen could have a nice game against us. But I think Miami is the better team and will be victorious on Sunday.

Alex Parish
BAL 20 - MIA 24

It's been a familiar story this season for the Miami Dolphins, who have really been hurt by injuries. However, the Ravens themselves have had to deal with their fair share of injuries, with Joe Flacco, Steve Smith, Terrell Suggs and Justin Forsett all out for the season. As Dolphins are at home, I'm going for a win to Miami.

Brian "Turtle" Naidus
BAL 13 - MIA 31

Miami gets an easy beat up opponent to establish the new Zac Taylor era at OC, most importantly allowing Ryan Tannehill to have more control of the offense. I think Miami's defense looks great against an inferior offense and Brent Grimes walks away with a pick 6. The offense coasts behind Miller and Ajayi and they don't need to do much to walk out with a win.

BAL 20 - MIA 27

The Dolphins win a close one at home and hurt their chances of getting a higher draft pick.

Kevin Nogle
BAL 21 - MIA 24

Baltimore jumps out to an early lead, Miami somehow manages to come back and Ryan Tannehill puts together a game winning drive at the end.

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