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Colts at Dolphins recap: Good, Bad, and Ugly a day late with Dolphins a dollar short

Our weekly Good, Bad, and Ugly recap of the latest Miami Dolphins game.

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The Miami Dolphins lost to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, their third straight loss and fifth loss in their last six contests. A year that held such promise in the offseason crashed and burned early, and is now limping to the finish line. At this point, the end of the season will be a mercy for most Dolphins fans, and the team can start building toward a better 2016 season.

Each week, we take a look at the Dolphins' most recent game, giving you a good, a bad, and an ugly part of the game. Typically, this post comes out on Monday, but it got pushed a day late this week. Fitting from a game in which the Dolphins came up a dollar short.

The Good

One game left.

And Jarvis Landry. Landyr recorded seven receptions for 111 yards, getting him above 100 receptions for the season and over 1,000 receiving yards.

The Bad

The offensive line simply cannot block anyone at this point. And that's not in reference to the final play, when center Jamil Douglas snapped the ball on the first cadence in what was supposed to be a double cadence, so the rest of the offensive line did not move as the entire Indianapolis defensive line crushed quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It is the rest of the game, in which Tannehill was sacked six times counting that last play, that literally hurt. Tannehill left the stadium after the game with his knee wrapped and walking with a limp, thanks in part to a leg whip he suffered in addition to the beating he took behind the offensive line. The Dolphins have to fix the offensive line, they have to add depth behind the starters, and they need to do it if they want Tannehill to have any sort of chance to rebound from a lackluster season this year.

The Ugly

I wanted to give this to the safety, marking the franchise-record fourth allowed safety this year by Miami, but that was ugly for one play. It was not ugly for the game. The running game was ugly for the entire game. The Dolphins actually gave the ball to Lamar Miller on the day, and they had another group of carries for Jay Ajayi; the problem was, no one ran anywhere. The Colts had the 25th ranked rush defense on the year heading into the game, giving up 123.8 yards per game. The Dolphins, on 25 carries, gained 82 yards. That's a 3.28 yards per carry average, but if you take out the 28 yard run Tannehill had, the running backs gained just 2.25 yards per carry. Miller recorded 15 carries for 31 yards, but did add a touchdown. Ajayi added 23 yards on 9 carries. Overall, it was a bad day for the Miami running backs, and an ugly day on the ground as a whole for Miami, and it marked the first time Miami has lost this year when Miller had 13 or more carries in the game.