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NFL Playoff standings 2015: AFC playoff picture nearly complete

The NFL Playoff picture will be completed next Sunday. With one game to play, the AFC side of the tournament is nearly complete.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Playoffs will start in two week, with one regular season weekend remaining to be played. Next Sunday will conclude the year for 20 of the league's 32 teams, with 12 moving on for a chance at making the Super Bowl. On the AFC side of the bracket, four of the six teams have already qualified for a spot on the bracket, with the seeding all that has to be determined.

Two of the four divisional champions have already been locked in, with the New England Patriots winning the AFC East and the Cincinnati Bengals winning the AFC North. The Denver Broncos currently lead the AFC West and are locked into the playoffs, but the Kansas City Chiefs, who are also locked into the Playoffs, could jumps ahead of the Broncos depending on wins and losses in Week 17. The last two spots are currently held by the Houston Texans, as the AFC South leaders, and the New York Jets, as the final Wildcard spot.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a game behind the Jets in the race for that Wildcard spot, needing to beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 17 as well as the Buffalo Bills to beat the Jets next week. The Indianapolis Colts are still alive in the AFC South, potentially winning the division if ten different things happen.

The overall standings for the AFC side of the Playoffs looks like:

AFC Playoff Picture

1 - New England Patriots (12-3, AFC East Champions, Clinched 1st round bye)
2 - Denver Broncos (11-4, AFC West leaders, Clinched Playoff berth)
3 - Cincinnati Bengals (11-4, AFC North Champions)
4 - Houston Texans (8-7, AFC South leaders)

5 - Kansas City Chiefs (10-5, Clinched Playoff berth)
6 - New York Jets (10-5)

AFC South contention
Indianapolis Colts (7-8)

Wildcard contention
Pittsburgh Steelers (9-6)

Oakland Raiders (7-8)
Buffalo Bills (7-8)
Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10)
Miami Dolphins (5-10)
Baltimore Ravens (5-10)
San Diego Chargers (4-11)
Cleveland Browns (3-12)
Tennessee Titans (3-12)