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Miko Grimes rips apart Miami media, Dolphins fans, and Ryan Tannehill

Miko Grimes took to Twitter to once again rant about the team that employs her husband.

As has been noted on the site, I typically try to stay away from the wives of players in the news, because I personally feel that I do not need to write those stories. I did not write about Lauren Tannehill leaving a weapon in a rental car, and I did not write about Miko Grimes being arrested or that those charges were eventually dropped. We may have had FanShots to link to the stories, but I have never written about them.

On Sunday, Miko Grimes, the wife of Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, went off on Twitter as she is known to do. This time, however, she went off on both the media and, more importantly, quarterback Ryan Tannehill. She decided to let the world know that she knew Tannehill "stunk the minute we signed to this team," but she did not want to shake her husband's confidence in the team by saying anything. Her rank continued, and I will post the tweets below, but I warn you, "stunk" seems to be the only non-profanity, non-graphic term she uses.

Miko started her rant by going off on the media covering the Dolphins. At this point, it seems embarrassing to have a star player's wife using the language and it reflecting on the team, but it was still not something I would typically cover. And, this rant actually went back to a few days leading up to the game, when Miko started trashing the fans not voting for Brent to make the Pro Bowl, blaming the media for not properly covering the defense, and making all of Miami's problems based on the defense.

Here is a run down of Miko's latest rant, starting after the game. She rips apart the media, Tannehill, and the Dolphins fans (note: Miko has made her account protected so that she can prevent people she doesn't want to see her tweets from seeing them. As such, all of the 70 tweets below are screen shots, which may take a minute to load):

But, Miko cannot help herself and picked her phone back up. And, she decided she needed to do it by attacking the weight of a high school girl, who appears to be the date of the person who made a comment to her.

After that extremely classy move, Miko was back to her rant, starting with an apology to the entire Dolphins receiving corps, likely because they have to deal with the stink that is Ryan Tannehill:

The rant continued for several more tweets, but at that point, she was winding down for the night. And, I assume the first 70 tweets give you the basic idea of the explosion that came from Miko yesterday. She is back up this morning and already starting again, but we will just stick to the Sunday rant.

Miko talked about her radio show during the rant. She was fired from that show and her brief "journalism" career when she was arrested outside Sun Life Stadium for trying to walk thought a restricted area and then being abusive toward the police officers. Those are the charges that were later dropped, as mentioned at the start of this article. That radio show was with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly, who, if you read between the lines of Miko's rant against the media, must be the only reporter who is worth anything in South Florida.

Armando Salguero, one of Miko's "A" reporters, wrote about Miko's rant as well this morning, and it is worth the read. Salguero writes in his post that the Dolphins have, on at least five separate occasions, spoken to Brent about his wife's action on Twitter and how, even if she refuses to believe it, it does reflect on him and on the team. Salguero also says the team is aware of this latest outburst from Miko and "they are not happy about the undue publicity."

Brent Grimes is a great cornerback who, for whatever reason, has lost a step this year. Is it age? Injury? Bad coaching? Multiple factors? Who knows, but Grimes did not play to the Pro Bowl level of his first two years in Miami. Miko refuses to believe that and sees a giant, multi-newpaper (Salguero and Adam Beasley at the Miami Herald, Andrew Abramson at the Palm Beach Post) conspiracy against her husband and the rest of the defense. Whatever the case, Miko's actions could have an even bigger impact than she yet realizes. If you were trying to make a decision on what to do with a cornerback who was once great, but may be losing a step as he nears the end of his career and he has a $9.5 million price tag for next year? Would you look to restructure his contract? Release him and let him test free agency? What if he has a wife who goes on rants against the franchise, the players, the media, and the fans? Does that weigh into the worth of the player?

Probably. And that's where Miko has now put her husband and their future in South Florida. Clearly, she does not care, given that she believes teams will be throwing themselves at Brent if he is available. With the tape on him this year and her history on Twitter, they may not be coming quite as fast as she thinks.