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Ryan Tannehill had blood in urine last week

Ryan Tannehill is proving himself to be one tough quarterback.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will start his 64th game next weekend when the New England Patriots visit the Dolphins. It is not a question mark, despite the team's 2012 first-round draft-pick being blatantly leg whipped during Sunday's loss to the Indianapolis Colts. A leg whip that meant Tannehill left the stadium with a limp.

Tannehill just does not miss playing time. His 64th start will come in the 64th game played since he was drafted. No other Miami quarterback has done that. Tannehill is the most sacked quarterback across these first 63 games, yet he gets up after every hit and is back in the huddle for the next play. According to Adam Beasley from the Miami Herald, there were times in Sunday's game when Tannehill could barely catch his breath in the huddle from whatever hit he had just taken. And, there were plenty on Sunday, when Tannehill was sacked six times.

There were plenty of things wrong with the Dolphins on Sunday, some of them caused by Tannehill. There are plenty of things wrong with the Dolphins this year, some of them caused by Tannehill. There is no problem with how tough Tannehill is, however

Beasley also reported yesterday that Tannehill, who has been sacked a league high 44 times, counting the six on Sunday, found blood in his urine. Beasley writes, "The cause and severity of the condition was not known, but obviously, that's not good."

Yet, there was Tannehill taking every snap on Sunday. Taking every hit and getting back up. Getting leg whipped, a play that should have been flagged but was not, despite a referee clearly watching the play, and getting back up.

There are things that Tannehill needs to fix this offseason, just like the rest of the team. One thing that, hopefully, will not change is the toughness that has Tannehill getting ready to start his 64th straight game, getting up after every single hit, and getting ready to play each week, despite having blood in his urine.