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Colts at Dolphins predictions of final score: Phinsider contributors make their predictions and you can add yours

The Miami Dolphins will host the Indianapolis Colts in the penultimate game of the year. The Phinsider contributors make their predictions for the game, and we ask for your final score predictions as well.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL season is down to the final two weeks of the year, with the Miami Dolphins hosting the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. Every week, The Phinsider authors make their predictions for the final score of the game, and we ask for your input as well. Below, you will find the Phinsider contributors' predictions, followed by the final score widget from our friends at The Crowd's Line.

As always, SB Nation is tracking how well each of the NFL blogs pick each week. The Phinsider is still sitting in the 31st ranked position, just ahead of Bleeding Green Nation. Bucs Nation is in the 30th spot, within reach if we have a good year.

The Crowd's Line has added a new feature starting this week, allowing you to sign up for an account and keep track of your own personal picks as well. You can use the same log in to make predictions on other SB Nation sites as well. Just click "Join Now" at the bottom of the widget.

James McKinney
IND 17 - MIA 20

Not totally sure why I am picking Miami in this one as they normally burn me when I pick them but I just have a feeling that they will have a good game against a team that we have in recent years had decent luck against, winning 4 out of the last 5. Despite the Dolphins being out of the postseason mix and the Colts still pushing to land a playoff spot the Dolphins do enough this week to narrowly edge out the Colts, 20 to 17.

Kevin "KDog" Dolney
IND 14 - MIA 24

This game is gong to be a barnburner. Not really. Only picking the Dolphins because I feel they are the better team, but I won't be disappointed if they lose. This game might be a struggle for both teams, offenses are bad, defesnes are bad. Still expect it to be a low scoring game and I see the Dolphins winning somehow. Maybe by allowing Lamar Miller to run more.

Alex Parish
IND 24 - MIA 14

Miami were supposed to be a team destined for the playoffs this season. Once again, reality sinks in. Indy, at 6-8, still have plenty to play for this season, sitting one game behind the Houston Texans in the AFC South. Miami no longer have anything to play for. The team may surprise me, but I just cannot see this team winning again this season.

Brian "Turtle" Naidus
IND 10 - MIA 14

It makes me sad that I was looking forward to this matchup in the pre-season and now that's it here I have literally no desire to watch this game. I think Miami wins in a close one to get their last win of the season, and gets one step closer to putting a brutal year behind them.

IND 17 - MIA 13

This will be just an awful game to watch. Both teams suck, but the Dolphins suck more. Top 10 pick is now a real possibility!

Kevin Nogle
IND 17 - MIA 20

At this point, I may as well just make homer picks. Why not take a shot at the Dolphins winning in Miami against a team using their backup quarterback?

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