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Head Coach Speculation: Chuck Pagano A Hot Candidate For Dolphins?

With two games left in the season, the head coach rumors will keep coming in. The latest involves Chuck Pagano, head coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ian Rapaport, the Dolphins could consider going after Pagano.

Pagano is 39-22 as the Colts head coach. He was named the head coach in 2012 (same year as Joe Philbin) after serving as the Baltimore Ravnes defensive coordinator. Under Pagano the Colts drafted Andrew Luck and went on to appear in the playoffs for three seasons. However, things change.

The Colts haven't looked great this year and a lot of the blame is being put on Pagano. There have been numerous reports that he clashes with general manager Ryan Grigson. We've seen this before in Miami. To make things interesting, the Colts play the Dolphins this Sunday. It's a good way to study a team that is looking for a head coach.

I will say this, Pagano is on my list for head coach candidates. Though he is not near the top. He brings head coaching experience which is a plus. How would the Colts have looked if they had not drafted Luck? I feel like if they didn't have Luck for those first couple of season, the Colts would have been a mediocre team. Yes, Pagano is a decent option at head coach, but he is not a quick fix.

All this is pure speculation though. Pagano has not been fired yet, but all signs point to him being out of a job after the season is over, even if they win the AFC South. Pagano has stated though that the Colts will be his last job.

Interested to hear everyones thoughts on Chuck Pagano. Feel free to discuss below.