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Phinsider Radio: The Lazor's Edge

Phinsider Radio is back on its usual Wednesday night and time. And we'll have plenty to discuss tonight: Bill Lazor's firing and whether there's even a point to salvaging the Dolphins' offense this season; Ryan Tannehill and whether he deserves the calls for his head, courtesy of select Dolphins fans (hint: he does not); and the Baltimore Ravens and the irony in the Dolphins only beating that team when they're in AFC East bottomfeeder mode. So much to talk about tonight, so give us a call in the studio, (347) 326-9461. We'll talk to you at 9:30 p.m. EST.

Phinsider Radio is brought to you by SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog. Each week, The Phinsider crew will take a look at the week in Dolphins news and also take your calls.

You can tweet your questions to the host, @kmb8488, as well as leave them in the comment section below. To speak with us on-air, call the studio at (347) 326-9461.

If you miss the live show, you can find it on iTunes. Search "Phinsider Podcast."

Click here to listen to the show.