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Ryan Tannehill getting bigger role in Dolphins game planning with Zac Taylor

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is already seeing a difference under new offensive coordinator Zac Taylor.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have changed offensive coordinators this week, firing Bill Lazor and promoting quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor into the vacancy. Despite it being an unusual move this late in the season, the Dolphins needed to make a change after being unable to establish or commit to the run game over the last few weeks. Lazor's play calling continually reverted to being a pass only offense, and the Dolphins became to predictable and one-dimensional.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is now on his third offensive coordinator in his four years in the league, is already seeing a difference in Taylor's offense. "I'm just excited about being a part of the game plan," Tannehill explained on Wednesday. "I worked with the coaches Monday and yesterday, just being a part of the game planning process and having my thoughts heard. Kind of putting our heads together to create some of the things that we want to do. It's been fun so far."

Tannehill was then asked if he is more involved in the game planning. "For sure," he replied.

"Zac is awesome," Tannehill said of his position coach now being the offensive coordinator. "He's a guy who's been around the game a long time. He knows what I like, he sees the game basically how I see the game and so we have a great relationship in that aspect. I'm looking forward to working with him."

Tannehill also spoke Wednesday about his oft-discussed ability to audible, and whether or not the 2012 first-round draft pick will be able to change plays more under Taylor than he was allowed under Lazor. "We'll see," Tannehill stated. "I think everything is on the table at this point and we want to put ourselves in good position. So we'll see."

Miami's offense repeatedly seemed to run plays directly into the strength of a defense, with the team staying in undesirable plays rather than changing at the line of scrimmage. Multiple reports have indicated Tannehill was restricted from making changes, while other pointed out that he at least had the option to change from one called play to another in some situations. Whatever the case, it did not help Tannehill prevent the offense from running plays that did not take advantage of weaknesses in the defense.

The Dolphins will face the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday in their first game with Taylor as the team's offensive coordinator.