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Giants at Dolphins predictions: Final Score projections from The Phinsider and you

The New York Giants and Miami Dolphins will face off on Monday night. What will be the final score? Our contributors take their best guess, and we ask you to help us predict the game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, the Phinsider contributors get together in an attempt to predict the outcome of the Miami Dolphins' next game. This week, that is a Monday Night Football contest against the New York Giants in South Florida's Sun Life Stadium. Below are the predictions of the final score for this week, as well as a chance for you to make your prediction using our CrowdsLine widget. Make sure you check it out.

James McKinney
NYG 13 - 20 MIA

The Dolphins defense comes to play and the offense continues their commitment to the run started last week. I expect the run game to be successful this week against a defense that is in the bottom half of the league defending the rush. This will allow the Dolphins to control the clock better and keep the defense fresh late in the game.

Kevin "KDog" Dolney
NYG 21 - 24 MIA

Going to be tough to contain OBJ. Dolphins are going to have to find a solution to that, Grimes is going to struggle again. If we can get the run game going again, the Dolphins should end up on top at the end of the night.

Brian "Turtle" Naidus
NYG 23 - 24 MIA

I think the Giants have the more trustworthy QB and probably the better roster but this game should be as close as they come. This really should be a fireworks show between two of the league's best young wide receivers. I think this ends up being one of Miami's more entertaining games of the season when everything is said and done, with a few big plays by both teams. Odell and Landry will be looking to put up a show in the spotlight and I think both are talented enough to get a chance to do so. I'd give the G-Men the edge on a neutral field but I'll stick with the hometeam in their throwback uniforms to get back to winning ways. I think this game ends up being decided on the final drive so stock up on your popcorn and beer for this Monday night.

NYG 16 - 24 MIA

Defense comes up big as the fish continue to ruin their draft position.

Kevin Nogle
NYG 17 - 24 MIA

This game either goes really well for Miami, or goes horribly wrong. Brent Grimes on Odell Beckham, Jr., is going to be the thing to watch, and how will Miami rotate help over the top for Grimes, who has been struggling the last few weeks. The Giants do not run the ball well, and Miami does not stop the run well, so this could be a net zero concern. The Dolphins have to get the passing game going, especially against a team that is dead last in the league in passing yards allowed per game, nearly 30 yards more than the 31st ranked team. I'll assume, since it is in Miami, that the Dolphins come out on the good side of the potential results.

Fans Predictions
NYG 22.7 - 22.7 MIA (The Phinsider)
NYG 26.1 - 20.1 MIA (Big Blue View)

Below, you will find our final score prediction widget. Add your projected ending to the game in the widget, and feel free to discuss in the comments. SB Nation is tracking how well each team's blog predicts their scores throughout the season, with all of the managing editors hoping to gain bragging rights. Right now, we back up to the 31st position, ahead of Niners Nation. Will we be able to move further up the rankings after this game?

Currently, The Phinsider readers have somehow put together a prediction that this game will be tied at 22.7 a piece. Big Blue View has Miami 6 points below the Giants when the final gun sounds. Add your predictions and let's see what our final Phinsider community score prediction is for this week.