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Giants at Dolphins preview: JPP, Beckham, and Coughlin's hot-seat

We take a look at the New York Giants, the Monday Night Football opponents for the Miami Dolphins this week, with as assist from Big Blue View's Ed Valentine.

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The Miami Dolphins will welcome the New York Giants into Sun Life Stadium tonight for a Week 14 Monday Night Football showdown. To get us ready for the game, we asked Ed Valentine of Big Blue View some questions about the Giants.

I think the NFL has to worry, especially if the Giants can win the NFC East this year. All the rumors and speculation that Tom Coughlin is on the hot seat once again clearly means the Giants will beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, right? Really, though, what is the status of Coughlin and could this be the end of his run in New York?

This could undoubtedly be the end of Coughlin's run in New York. Whether the problems the Giants have on their roster are his fault, which they aren't, might even be irrelevant. Fact is, if they miss the playoffs this would be four straight years and actually seven of eight. Interrupted only by a Super Bowl title. The Giants are a patient organization, and John Mara wants NOTHING to do with firing a man who won two titles and who was hand-picked for the job by his late father. But, everyone's time comes. Maybe TC retires on his own. Maybe the Giants "push" him into it. Maybe they at least begin to plan an exit strategy. An NFC East title would make this a lot easier for the organization.

Since you brought it up, I will ask you the same question. Jarvis Landry or Odell Beckham? You can only have one. Which player would you take?

Beckham. No hesitation. It isn't a slight on Landry, but Beckham is a far more explosive player. Beckham averages 14.6 yards per catch over two seasons to Landry's 9.7. Landry has only six fewer catches than Beckham over the two seasons, but Beckham has generated nearly 1,000 more yards. Landy has two 100+ yard games this season. Beckham has seven, including five straight. I don't know if it has anything to do with the way Landry is used in Miami, but the numbers tell me there really isn't a comparison

When you asked who I would steal from the Giants, other than Beckham, I answered that I would probably take an offensive lineman, specifically Justin Pugh. The Giants offensive line has not been exactly dominant, however, and is dealing with injuries of their own. What can you tell us about what the offensive line will look like on Monday, and where are the weaknesses?

Let me say this. You mentioned John Jerry in your answer and if you want him, Giants fans would gladly let you take him. He's a horrid run blocker. Anyway, now to really answer your question.

I have no idea what the line will look like. Flowers, awful PFF grades aside, is important to the Giants and is going to be a very good left tackle. If he can't play, Pugh will go to left tackle. Right tackle Marshall Newhouse is dealing with a back injury and also missed last week's game. Rookie Bobby Hart will start somewhere, and that could be based on whether or not Newhouse plays. Will Beatty and Geoff Schwartz were supposed to be starters. Beatty never played and is on IR. Schwartz was lost a few games and is also on IR.

No matter who has played, the biggest issue the Giants have had is really an inability to run the ball consistently.

How has Jason Pierre-Paul looked since returning to the team following his July 4 fireworks accident that cost him a finger?

I give Pierre-Paul a lot of credit. He was in tremendous shape when he came back, and has been able to play far more than anyone thought he might. He still has an explosive first step, and enough strength and athleticism to be a factor. He can create pressure. He can get into the backfield on running plays. The problem is he's basically playing one-handed. He wears a massive club on his right hand and it limits his ability to tackle, to actually make plays. We'll see if that improves over time, but I wonder if he's ever going to be able to shed the club and really use that hand to grab and make plays.

The Giants are giving up the most passing yards per game this year, nearly 30 more yards than the next closes team. What is allowing opponents to put up such gaudy passing numbers and how can the Dolphins exploit it?

The Giants have quality corners in Prince Amukamara and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Problem is, when it comes to pass coverage they don't have much else. Their safeties can't cover. Landon Collins is a nice young player, but he can't be in center field. The linebackers aren't good. They can't cover the tight end. On top of all of that, they have had the league's worst pass rush most of the season. Only one team (Atlanta) now has fewer sacks, and the Giants are on pace to set a single-season franchise low for sacks in a season. So, the coverage issues are exposed.