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Joe Philbin named to NFL's Catch Committee

Former Miami Dolphins head coach among those who will try to solve the greatest mystery in life: what is a catch.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is putting together their CSI: Catch team to try to figure out exactly what is and is not a catch. it is apparently very difficult for the rule book and the referees to determine what constitutes a player successfully grabbing a ball out of the air and maintaining possession of that ball. The league, realizing it has stumbled its way into one of the greatest mysteries of our lifetime, and they will now work to find a solution.

How will the league solve the puzzle that has thousands of fans and analysts frustrated nearly every week? With a committee of course. At least it's not a Ted Wells investigation.

Who will be the members of this committee? The league has a six-man group made of a former referee (Tom Finken), a former wide receiver (James Thrash), a former executive (Bill Polian), and three former coaches (Ken Whisenhunt, Jim Schwartz, and Joe Philbin).

Yes, that's former Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. With his attention to detail and his experience, Philbin could be a perfect member of the catch committee.

The committee is expected to review the history of the league's catch rule, the confusion that he current rule is causing, and potentially make a recommendation to the Competition Committee for any adjustment to the current rule. The catch committee is also expected to bring in current and former receivers, with Hall of Fame Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins wide out Cris Carter and current Dallas Coowboys receiver Dez Bryant identified as potential contributors.