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Dolphins offensive coordinator Zac Taylor speaks with the media

The Miami Dolphins replaced offensive coordinator Bill Lazor yesterday, promoting quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor into the position. Taylor met with the media shortly after the move.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(Opening Statement) -- "Obviously these are unusual circumstances for me. This is not ideal. This is not how I dreamed up this situation happening. Bill Lazor was awesome to me. He put his heart and soul into this offense and I know that every coach upstairs in that staff have a ton of respect for him. It's disappointing to see it happen like this because we were all invested in this offense and it's on all of us. And he took the fall for us, but certainly we owe it to him and we owe it to this organization to get on track and get going on offense. I know you guys are going to ask questions on what's our identity going forward, what's my philosophy. I have not called plays before. That's probably a question that's going to come of me. What I want to see us do is run the ball. I know we've said that before but we're going to run the ball, okay. I think it's important that our players have that mindset. Obviously situations dictate how the game is called but it's important I think for any offense to get that thing going. We've got a lot of trust in these players. We want them to have confidence. We're going to streamline what we do on offense. We're going to simplify it. It's important that the players know that we believe in them. I think they've known that all along but it's on them as players and coaches for us to get this straight and start scoring some points and winning some games and start helping our defense and special teams out. With that I'll open it up to questions for you guys."

(On what this means for QB Ryan Tannehill) -- "Ryan (Tannehill) and I have had a relationship for a long time and it's important for him. He's always had input in this offense and I think we have a great relationship. I know how he thinks and he knows how I think. It's important for him to have plays where he can be accurate, he knows exactly where he's going with the ball. Not that that hasn't been the case but when I say streamline and simplify things for everybody and make sure that we're all on the same page and make sure that we can get the most out of our passing game. That always stems from having a good running game."

(On if QB Ryan Tannehill has been hamstrung in the offense) -- "No, I think a lot has always been asked of him. He's a very smart guy. He can handle anything. We've always put a lot on his plate. I don't think that in any way he has been hamstrung. We've got to find a way to get guys to play the best they can possibly play and that's what we're going to do this week as we game plan."

(On if QB Ryan Tannehill will have more latitude to call audibles at the line) -- "Those are things we're still discussing. This all happened fast this morning. I feel like I've been able to deal with everything but game planning at this point. There are times where we have to sit down as a staff and narrow down what our approach is as we go forward. So everything is on the table, certainly. I want to continue to meet with Dan (Campbell), meet with all the offensive coaches. We're all going to have input in this thing and make sure that we're all on the same page. We are going to do what's best for this offense, what's best for Ryan (Tannehill), what's best for those linemen so that we can score some points."

(On the lack of run game) -- "I think each game has been different. Unfortunately some games we haven't had the lead early and so it causes you to go in a different direction. I can't sit here and say that we're going to run the ball 10 straight times. That's not what I'm saying at all, but it's important to have the mindset that you're going to establish the run; whatever it takes."

(On how ready he feels calling plays despite never doing it before) -- "I've called a thousand games in my head, I can promise you that. Now that doesn't translate to being on the sidelines and calling a game but I am absolutely prepared. This is, as a player you dream about playing in the Super Bowl, as a coach you daydream about calling the Super Bowl. There is no substitute for experience, there is no doubt about that, but I have all the confidence with the staff around me - I have unbelievable guys on offense that are there to help me. However many there are, I believe in every single one of those guys. This is just about me, this is about the players executing, it's about all of us assistant coaches being on the same page putting together the gameplan. The words will be coming out of my mouth on Sunday, but it will be a cumulative effort I promise you that."

(On what was going through his mind this morning) -"I felt awful for Bill (Lazor). I saw the guy put his heart and soul and the hours he put into this thing. He's treated me with nothing but respect. I learned a lot from him. He's a great person. He's going to land on his feet. He's going to be just fine. That's just the way this business works. Felt terrible for Bill (Lazor). That's just the way it goes."

(On when he found out of the position and if it was before or after he found out about the change with Bill Lazor) -- "Just right after I found out about him I found out about myself."

(On what can be done to achieve continuity on the offense) -- "We just have to find ways for our players to play with confidence. That's the biggest thing and making sure that we are all on the same page with the gameplan. I'm not saying that that hasn't happened. That's what we have to do because we haven't been very good so far and that's on everybody- coaches and players. Whatever we have to do to make sure the players are confident in what they're going to do and that they know the plan, we can go with that. We can execute it. And there is no substitute for the players having confidence in what they're doing and doing it full speed. That's what we're going to find ways to do."

(On if they need to be more physical) -- "When you're not winning games and you're not running the ball well then yeah, you could always say you need to be more physical. How do we accomplish that? There are a lot of different ways. Dan (Campbell) has been working on that since he's been here. Dan (Campbell) always has a good plan in place and I trust that he'll get these guys going."

(On how strange it is to be put in this position) -- "It's unique. It's not something that you plan on. But like I said, any of you guys in your own jobs, you're always prepared for the next step. It's something that you always think about and dream about. So it's always something I thought about. I did not anticipate this being the situation, but it's certainly something I've always prepared for since I've been a coach."

(On if he has met with his players) -- "I did, yes. I met with the quarterbacks first and then I met with the offense. You know, I didn't give a message too different from what we got going here right now. These players know that they are accountable for everything that goes on in the game. As coaches we have to prepare them and the players have to be accountable for what they put on tape on Sunday. It's a cumulative effort and I trust everybody that we're going to be on the same page and we're going to get this thing going the right way."

(On what the issue is on third down) -- "(There is) a lot of issues. If I knew the answer to that we would have been doing it. We're going to continue to evaluate everything that we do. We always feel good about our plan going in; I'll be honest with you. Every week we sit there as a staff we feel good about the plan. We just have to continue to evaluate that and find the best ways to get first downs because a lot of it is we get to third down and we're not converting and that's the way the game is shaking out. It's on us. We've got to have a great plan in place, we need to have the players execute it and we have to make sure it happens.'

(On if it's that extreme to go away from the run in situations they are behind) -- "Each situation is different. Going forward we are going to do our best job to have the best plan in place and our players are going to know that plan and our players are going to execute it to the best of their abilities. We've got to move the ball."

(On if he keeps in touch with Mike Sherman) -- "I do, absolutely."

(On if he will go to Mike Sherman for advice) -- "Always. I have always done that. He's been a huge influence in my life in many ways. I learned a lot of football from him. He's always been unbelievable to me. I talk to him almost weekly. He's always been a big influence and key in my life."

(On if he would like to see QB Ryan Tannehill use his legs more) -- "I mean that's one of the things we'll talk about as a staff, finding ways to get this offense going forward. And if we believe that's Ryan (Tannehill) using his legs more then absolutely that's what we'll do. If we feel like it's going in a different direction then we'll do whatever we have to do to be successful and to make sure the players and coaches are on the same page."

(On if he will call plays from the sideline or the booth) -- "That has not been determined yet. I've been in the booth for the last two years. I was on the field for seven years before that so I've done both. I've just got to keep thinking about that, talking to Dan (Campbell) and seeing what the best plan is for everybody. But that has not been determined yet."

(On if he has numbers in mind for what he wants the offense to look like) -- "I don't have numbers in mind. I have balance in mind. We need to be balanced; that's the most important thing. So as long as we achieve balance I think the points will come. Again, we've got to come up with a gameplan against Baltimore because this is a good defense we're facing. But obviously our best shot is to be as balanced as we could be."

(On if the run game has been abandoned too soon) -- "Like I said, each situation in a game is different. Each game always feels differently and we've just got to do a great job  of coming up with a plan and sticking to it. I'm not going to say that we've abandoned it too quickly. Each game has felt differently but we'll have a good plan of being balanced moving forward."

(On if fixing the run game is a matter of quantity or different calls) -- "We've got 11 games under our belt so to say that we're going to completely change what we're doing. We believe in the system and what we've been doing. We just have to find ways to be more effective. There may be different things we throw in as a staff to try to get us going but to say that we're going to abandon what we've been doing, we all believe in what we've been doing, we've had success in this system and so we just have to find ways to utilize it the best way possible."

(On if he expects QB Ryan Tannehill to line up under center more often) -- "Again, that's something we'll have to talk about as a staff. We haven't determined any true gameplan thoughts as it pertains to Baltimore yet. So I'll know more about that later on in the week."